Friday, December 26, 2008

Three Men For Christmas!

I have given my heart to 3 men. You can only see the hand of one of my men, but Rocker Son & Writer Son are pictured above on Christmas Eve as we opened our gifts for one another. I am sure you can easily figure out who is who from this photo. And yes, Writer Son is wearing a t-shirt that says WWBD, as in "What Would Batman Do". And we wonder why he is not married & giving me some cute little grandbabies!

My men are really fun to listen to as they catch up with each other & laugh at each others jokes & spend a lot of time talking in what I call "Movie Speak". You know how it is when you are sitting around quoting movie dialogue to each other? That's what they do a lot because they are both crazy about movies & TV shows on HBO etc. I am usually totally lost in these conversations & often feel pretty foolish if I try to follow it at all.

One conversation on Christmas Eve had me wondering what some of you young mothers of sons would think if you heard it. Somehow they got into a discussion concerning that age-old controversy of boxers versus briefs. One of them had discovered a wonderful creation described as "boxer in shape but briefs in material"! Shall I tell you how this topic came about? (I am so very glad they do not read this site!) One son gave Hubs his gift wrapped in one layer of Christmas paper over one layer of boxer! Apparently they had been loaned to him at some point when he needed them, due to forgetting to do laundry for himself! He said, "I was getting ready to put them on this morning then remembered they were yours so figured I'd use them to wrap your gift." Nice huh?

I love my 3 men! They keep life very interesting!


  1. LOL @ WWBD!! Too cute!! Nerd boys rock!!!

    Wrapping the gift in boxers is something that should be told at every Christmas dinner every year! :)

  2. That is hysterical!!! Very creative and also a way for him not to forget to return them. LOL!

    Too funny!!

  3. I love geeks, too, and if I was 15 years younger, I might be in love with one of your adorable sons. !!!

    BTW: My 9 year old will only wear the boxers that are made out of the briefs material.... he LOVES them!!

    I love your blog so much, it is like a glimpse into my future. :)

  4. Simplicity - Batman, Superman, Iron man.....when do they stop talking about the same stuff they talked about at age 9?!! crazy!

    Jodi - Yes they are both actually very creative. Especially when it came to getting out of doing things I wanted them to do!

    Amy - Thanks for the kind words, I am thrilled you are coming to see me!
    Lucky for my son, it's actually ok to be a nerd nowadays! But he is a pretty cool one without even trying. They are both natural leaders & that makes me a proud mama! See what you have to look forward to!

  5. I grew up with 3 brothers and in a neighborhood of boys...tons of boys! I was a full-fledged tomboy 'til I was around 16. To this day I still love men the best. I learned early-on how they think, how they emote. Maybe that's why my marriage has been almost wrinkle-free all these years. I tend to think and emote like men do, too. Most women bore me silly...I like conversation with substance to it, not the usual shopping and 'fluff' that women tend to focus on. I will only have grandsons and that's fine with me...tho I saw a frilly little pink dress when I was out Christmas shopping that caught my eye, haha!

  6. Oh I love the wrapped in underwear idea. Must remember that for future gifts :) My three men would also be amused.


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