Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Love Kohl's!

My Hubs & I are horrible at gifting each other. All our money is in one account anyway so it just feels silly to buy him stuff he is not crazy about with his own money. And that is fine with him.....but it isn't fine with me! I adore gifts. I love the idea that someone thought about me & then went out & bought or made me something. He really does not care if he receives anything at all & that has been tough for me to get used to. For years I kept trying to surprise him with a wonderful item & it always fell short. Sometimes it even backfired badly for me. I got him a desired (or so I thought) book one year & wrote a loving letter in the flyleaf. OOps! Couldn't even return it & get the one he really wanted!

So for the last few years we have chosen something together for the house. We love our huge chocolate brown leather couch we got for ourselves one year, & new laptops another year. That works just fine....but I still want to open a gift with my name on it, ya know? And being the perfect hubby that he is, I always find at least one small package with my name on it from him, usually it is my favorite perfume, can't go much wrong there buddy.

This year I told him I wanted a silver, extra long, chunky necklace. His response? "I could never find the right one for you, I just know it. And you would say you love it but it would not be right. I can't do it." Arrg!

Our solution was to go to some fun, artsy small towns around here after Christmas & find me my gift! So yesterday we enjoyed a great, rainy, misty day driving through the beautiful Napa, Calistoga & St. Helena areas! Great, fun day of wandering through shops & galleries. Every time I have gone through those same shops before, I have consistently fallen in love with at least 2 pieces of jewelry that we could not afford. But this time, when he is ready to "go big", I see nothing at all! Just ugly, strange items that I would never wear.

I did find a sweet silver bracelet with a butterfly on it for about 10 bucks & we bought that & headed back home thankful that we could spend our day just enjoying each other & the beautiful place we get to live & work. But just before we got home my sweet man impulsively pulls off the freeway & into the Kohl's parking lot. He knows I love this place a lot! So in I go, & what do I see immediately? The cutest, prettiest, most lovely silver, chunky, long necklace.....& it's on sale! I snatched it up along with two pacs of sox that I wanted the last time I was in there. Am I easy or what?

And my gift for him? About 10 minutes ago I gave him permission to go ahead & get the leather motorcycle jacket he's been looking at online for about 3 weeks. Actually I had to beg him to just get it & stop looking at it, please! Now we are both happy with our new stuff & no one has to go to the "RETURNS ONLY" line at the store! Yay!


  1. Glad to hear you had a nice time together and found what you really wanted! I am happy he at least finds you a little something to put under the tree as well! And..sounds like he's getting what he wants in that MC jacket! Blessings for a wonderful New Year! Lisa

  2. You two seem to have a sweet marriage!

  3. We are the same way about gifts ... it seems silly to buy something that might not work (though my husband is SOOOOOO picky like yours that I wouldn't dare pick out anything for him ... everything I've ever freelanced on for him has been returned.) Still there is something nice about being surprised with something you didn't know about or pick out yourself.

    I'm glad you found your necklace!

  4. Yay for you getting just what you want! And for him getting exactly what he wants too...even if you did have to force him to give in! :)

  5. I could have written your first paragraph. Seriously. We are the exact same way. It really frustrates me, even after 23 years of marriage.

  6. Aww sounds like you are a very cute/sweet couple!

  7. Brenda,

    I love these posts about your hubs & sons. I can identify w/them totally! And I really like the idea of gift shopping together. Think I'll borrow that one for next year to avoid another year of socks. :)

    The post on your sons made me laugh. My sons do that moviespeak thing too. My younger son often tries it out on me just to see my eyes glaze over. Then, smiling, he'll gently shake his head and say, "Never mind." Love it & miss it!

  8. I think that is SO sweet. What a great idea to do that. You both got what you wanted AND you got to spend nice quality time together.

    Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

  9. Sounds like me Brenda. I love your blog!

  10. Dear Hubby and I have never given each other Christmas gifts. Instead, we treat ourselves to a weekend at the beach in January, which is also the month we met. It'll be 35 years on the 18th! We were always fortunate my in-laws never minded keeping the kids for us for that was our one only-us getaway during the year when they were small. This year we received a PAID getaway to our favorite motel at Lincoln City on Oregon's coast, a gift from our son and d-i-l as an extra thanks for taking care of the boys. How thoughtful is THAT?!

  11. Wow Miss Kriss, that's a great gift & a fun thing to look forward to after the holidays!


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