Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's Christmas Home Tour Time over at Boo Mamas! So come on in & get warm in my home for a bit & then head over to her site to take a tour of many, many other homes all decked out for the holidays!
Now that we do not have little ones in our home we display our favorite ceramic nativity under the tree. My boys were allowed to play with a plastic set at Grandmas house & I loaned that set to my oldest son this year for his apartment with instructions to return it to me so that his future kids will be able to play with it at my house when he makes me a grandma someday!

I love my homemade angel, she was very easy to make. So easy that I actually made several for all my neighbors one year! And I am not very crafty at all!
I love what the lights did when I took this pic of the nativity angel hanging under the tree.

I bought the wooden heart ornament in Hawaii, it's a treasure of the best vacation in my life so far!
The glass candy is part of a set that I received years ago & I always put them in a candy bowl & had to be real careful of the kids fingers grabbing them & having a taste. This year I got some wire & was going to figure out how to make them into ornaments & discovered that they had tiny holes in them & were supposed to be on the tree all along! Duh!

The lollipop was found at one of the hundreds of craft fairs I attended with my mom over the years. It was our tradition to start the season off with a weekend of hitting all the fairs we could find, very fun!

When I looked at the first version of this photo I wondered if anyone would be offended by it because it could be viewed as irreverent. But the more I am getting to know about Jesus these last few years I have a feeling He would favor this version below.

In fact, I can easily imagine Him looking up at that goofy cousin picture & laughing out loud! I believe He's like that!

There's a pot of hot cinnamon cider on the stove, you can help yourself to the mugs in the cupboard up above. I'm a pretty casual entertainer & it really doesn't happen very often, other than huge, quiet, long-haired friends of my sons stopping by for minutes at a time. :) (Hello Mrs. Cleaver!)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my home, it didn't take long because my house isn't very big, but it is totally bursting with thankfulness & joy this Christmas! And now I am anxious to get on over to see all of your amazing homes too! Knock, knock!


  1. very nice decorations!!!

    enjoy the week ahead


  2. Wonderful Brenda. I love seeing what others put on their tree's. Hope you have a grand week!

  3. Great pix! I could feel all your joy and thankfulness spilling out of them. I like what you did with the glass candy. I used to have a handful of pieces, but they got broken when my boys took up a game of soccer in the house (Dad's idea).

    Have a merry week!

  4. I love all of the "little" things you did to decorate. I think it really IS the little things that matter!

  5. Thank you for stopping by at my house, I love all your your angels.

    Have a very merry christmas

  6. I love it! Thanks for the tour! I'm sure he would have laughed for sure! Those goofy moments are what life is all about!


  7. Thanks for sharing your home and decorations.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from Northern Ireland.

  8. This was lovely! You have such a warm and inviting home! I love all the little things you did to spread Christmas throughout your home! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the tour, your living room looks lovely...Merry Christmas!

  10. I love that the nativity is under the tree! So nice! You have a lovely festive home.

    If you live in Canada, or have a relative in Canada, I got those stocking hangers at The Bay.

  11. I'm relatively new and very sporadic in reading because my computer time is so limited. I'd bookmarked your menopause post probably two weeks ago and just stumbled across it this evening, if that gives you any idea, ha! But I SO enjoyed that. I've had struggles the past couple years that finally ended in a complete hysterectomy in April, which meant instant menopause for me. It's trippy, isn't it? But I don't miss 'the curse' at all. AT ALL!!! Your Christmas decorations are lovely. I do daycare for my two grandsons, ages 8 months and 2 1/2 years...I don't even bother decorating at this stage. They are two of the busiest boys ever and the thought of keeping them out of the tree, out of the decorations, is more than I'm up to at this stage. At almost 55, I thought these years would be slooooooooow ones...I'm busier now than ever!

  12. What beautiful ornaments! Someday I'll get me some of those...someday :)

  13. Thank you for the tour, your home is just lovely! I enjoyed all of your beautiful ornaments. :)


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