Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wishing I Hadn't Read That!


"I just got paid 100 dollars to jump in a pool butt naked. Unfortunately the wind picked up and threw my boxers in the pool."

Oh Lord! Wise mothers do NOT Friend their adult (?) sons on Facebook.


  1. Bwahaha! Sometimes I remember too late that my mom and my grandma read my blog. I'm sure I've horrified them a time or two. Thankfully, I've decided that my children will stay tiny toddlers forever, so I won't have to face this issue in the future.

  2. Ha! Yeah GM, we'll see how that works out for you!
    I'm just trying to help you all be prepared......but not sure that is even possible! Ha!

  3. Too funny!!! I'm with GM, I'll just keep my girls babies too! :)

  4. I use facebook too and I didn't friend two of my kids. I'll wait until they ask me. If they ask me. I think they need their privacy for now. I don't really want to look that closely just yet. haha

    It could have been a lot worse! ;-D

  5. That's so funny! There are a couple of my older kids (sons) that I don't have as friends on FB for that reason. As I told my Aunt today "The less I know about him, the better for my mental health."

  6. Joni & BD - I agree. I stayed away from his FB until he invited me. Even then I only go when I am feeling strong, unfortunately this status showed up on the "feed".

    He told me that sometimes he will be writing something, then delete it because of me....I see that as a good thing! Ha!

  7. Oh my - Something I get to look forward to in the future. Why don't kids understand that not just their friends see these things?

  8. LOL my brother told my Momma "Old people can't be friends with the faces of the Young people." Too bad your son didn't have that opinion!


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