Monday, May 23, 2011

Hub's First Crop

May 23
I was in the kitchen putting groceries away just now when I heard Hubs literally clap his hands  in the back yard and shout..

"Hey, a tomato!"

May 9

May 12

Our first produce!

Such a man!

May 23

My Hubby, the Gentleman Farmer!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Good-bye Marylou

She made me crazy
she kept me sane.
I love you Mom!

1934 - 2011

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Heaven is singing this
to my mom,
Marylou, today.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Are charm bracelets back "in"? Is it even in to say "in"? Either way I am wearing my cherished charm bracelet these days when I feel the urge. It cannot be a day when I will be on my laptop much because I do not want to scratch my sweet Mac. I also have to be the mood to hear some jingle-jangle because that just comes with a charm bracelet.

My silvery collection of charms was given to me by my mom when I was a teenager. It is so cool to look at each charm and recall the reason it is there. Can you see the princess phone? Imagine the squealing excitement when I was granted a beautiful pink princess phone in my OWN ROOM as a teenager! The dial even lit up in the dark!

There is also a silver replica of a drivers license there, engraved with my name, date and real license number! I was given the heart as a bridesmaid for a dear friend. Unfortunately they are no longer married. But I'm not giving up my pretty engraved heart! Of course the Graduation hat is self-explanatory, as are the christmas tree and the two Disneyland charms of Dumbo and a Cinderella carriage.

This bit of old jewelry has been tucked away for years and recently it came across my attention as I was cleaning out some personal belongings. As soon as Hubs saw it, he got a funny look, which he tried to hide  from me. But I saw it and said nothing. A bit later he randomly (or so he thought) told me he had a great idea for my next gift. (Hello?! I saw the look!)

On Easter weekend we went to our sweet getaway before getting the call about my mom being sick. As we walked leisurely through some little shops I could see that he was in his "hunter" mode as he casually looked over the jewelry cases. Sure enough he asked a clerk to show him something and I was presented with the beautiful silver be-jeweled butterfly for my bracelet!

And, once again...I was charmed.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Come read me and vote for my new post on GoodBlogs titled "The Best Shoe Sale in the World!" Thanks so much!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy News - Sad news

I was sitting on my bed having a good cry yesterday. My sister had called and reported that our mom's health was deteriorating rapidly and the doctors are strongly suggesting removing life support. We had already been in this spot a few weeks ago but then she had rallied and we were given just enough hope to fight for her life. But now it is real and it is happening.

Hubs came into the house after getting the mail and called to me that I had something from a publishing company. He came into the room and handed the letter to me with a small joke that it is my big book deal at last and I laughed with him.

I set it down on the bed and we talked a bit about Mom and our plans to go up to be with the family again. As we talked I opened the letter which I assumed was junk mail since I have subscribed to so many writer's market lists lately.

But then the words, "WE ARE PLEASED TO INFORM YOU......" jumped out at me and I screamed and shook the letter at him! It is my first ACCEPTANCE from a publishing place to include my writing in their quarterly magazine! I sent my little piece in last September and the letter was to inform me that it will appear in the Fall 2011 publication! Included was a check for twenty dollars. (Someday somehow, that number is going to move on up to $200 for a piece!)

Deep sadness and deep joy in the same moment......I know my mom would be so pleased for me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm a Winner!

Thanks to Janet Ruth at Along The Way, I won this really interesting looking book called, How To Really Love Your Adult Child by Ross Campbell, MD & Gary Chapman, MD. 

I just got it in the mail today and have skimmed it a bit and can't wait to dig in and see what these guys say about how to be the best parent and friend we can to our grown up kids. 

Thank you Janet Ruth! 

No you cannot click to look inside, sorry! I was
just too lazy to remove that from the amazon pic I stole.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do You Have Old Kids?

I am trying to find the words to explain the pleasure I get from having my grown kids in my home. Even though my sons are 24 and 28, this is a new sensation for me. Twenty-four year old Rocker Son has only started coming around now that he has a new girlfriend and has cleaned up his life a bit. Writer Son is newly married and I think my enjoyment about his presence is that we are not always nagging at him about job, money, car etc. That's his wife's job now! Ha! Actually, being married has transformed him into a grown man taking on real responsibilities and that is totally a kick to watch!

I remember my mom talking a lot about how much she loved having us all home for visits. We could never stay long enough to please her. "Don't go home yet, spend the night!" I did not understand it. But I do now.

Well, I'm not sure that I really understand it, like I said at the beginning, I am having trouble putting my finger on why it brings me so much pleasure to have them around. After all, I am basking in the wonderfullness of the empty nest!

The empty nest is glorious for hubs and me! I have waxed rapturous about it way back here and several other posts as well. So what is it about sitting on the couch and watching my sons and their ladies laughing and jostling in the kitchen that warms my heart so much? Hubs and I will catch each others eyes and share a smile as we hear the loud laughter erupt, even if they are laughing at us. Which they definitely do. 

It may have something to do with watching them become grown-ups right before our eyes. Where did those messy, bumbling, noisy (well they are still noisy) little boys go? We can still see them very clearly in these handsome men that fill our kitchen up with their huge feet and tall bodies. 

Or it could be the joy in seeing them look at the girls they love! Oh my goodness! That is a truly amazing sensation to watch that happen! To listen to the cute, flirty banter and even the married bickering is funny to us.

I am so thankful that both my sons live close right now. I do not take it for granted, it could change in a moment. I intend to enjoy every minute I can while they live close enough to drop by if they happen to be passing by on their way to something else, or they want to watch a show we all love. 

And someday.....they will take a while to get in the house because they are busy unloading baby seats and grabbing the diaper bag! Someday, but for now they are more than enough!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Had A Great M Day!!I

I love gifts so much! This sat around ALL day without a mention, drove me craaazy!
Any moments with Rocker Son are a treasure to me. He is creative and hilarious!

I adore these people! My men and their ladies.

Hubs calls Writer Son his "Giant leprechaun" since sporting this beard. He is over 6 feet.

Sweet Sassy Bride made us some wonderful chicken tacos with homemade guacamole! Delish!

At last Writer Son handed me the gift bag! Wonderful scarf and a charm necklace that
 I cannot wait to wear!

I also love Rocker Son's, Tattoo Girlfriend, she is so funny and strong!

Amazing dessert of yogurt, fruit, sweet granola and honey! So good!

Not sure why Hubs took a pic of these guys, but we laughed a lot at them
on our fav show, The Amazing Race Finale!

Sassy Bride even insisted on cleaning my kitchen after all that hard work!
Hubs "helping" Sassy Bride at the stove.
Yay for a great Mother's Day 2011.
I hope yours was a good one too! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mediocre Mother's Day To You!

I just posted an unusual Mother's Day post on GoodBlogs, come read me and vote for me ok? Thank you my friends!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Collecting Memories

For the past several years now, whenever we make our once yearly trek to my mom and dad's home, they always encourage us to put our names on items that we would want after they are gone. I know, kind of creepy huh? My sibs and I have verbally said "No way Mom!". But then we each do it quietly.

The reason I know we are all doing it is because when I have lifted a painting to mark it with my name,  I have found my brother or sister's name there already.

This year was different. As you know my mom has been in a life and death struggle this last month. So as I spent my nights in my parent's home without my mother's presence, it brought the facts home to me brutally. My emotions went many different directions at once.

  • How are we going to survive as a family without Mom?
  • I hate how cold and empty her house feels while she is in the hospital. Is this how it will be when she is gone?
  • What in the world are we going to do with all this stuff?
  • I should choose some things that represent my mom.
  • But she collects SO MANY things, where to begin?

My mother has always loved garage sales and flea markets for as long as I can remember. Of course this leads to becoming a collector. And that she did! In a big way!

My parents home is small. But it is packed with enough stuff to fill a grand home. She is an artist so it is also filled with her creations, which I love. I have my name on the backs of some of those paintings. I especially like the flower one which is a new, big deviation from her normal barn motif. My mother is also a lover of old books just like me. Or I am just like her I should say, since she got me started in the adoration of old, musty smelling books from generations ago. 

I am hoping and praying that her collecting is not over just yet. No, I do not want more things from her nor do I think she needs more pretties in her home. But I want her alive for some more years and if that includes adding to the things I will have to sort through some day, that is fine with me!