Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can't believe I ate The Whole Thing!

I have just finished off one of my favorite summer meals, at least the fav thing that I can make at home! Angel hair pasta with yummy veggies on top! Yep, that IS what I love best. Now Hubs is sprawled out in front of the TV watching a show called "Man vs Food" It is one of the most disgusting shows I have seen & that's saying something, because after raising 2 boys I have seen some pretty gross shows!

The whole point of this brilliant TV concept is for this guy (Who is not exactly skinny) travel all over the world eating or trying to eat world record portions of food. He visits those restaurants that challenge the customers to eat a certain humongous size dish & they get a prize, which is usually just their picture & name on a bulletin board. Tonight the guy attempted to eat a FIVE POUND burger with 10 slices of bacon & cheese on it along with FOUR POUNDS of fries! The 5lb burger is actually about 8 or 10 separate meat patties stacked on top of each other. It is so tall that they skewer it with 2 long chopsticks to hold it together.

I just do not GET it. Why do that? Why stuff all that junk in you for no good reason other than having strangers cheer for you? Just don't get it! It can't have much to do with the TASTE of the food, because at some point I am sure the food in question becomes pretty sickening to the eater, right? Again...I don't get it!

I really, really HATE that overly full, stuffed feeling after a meal, even a good meal that I totally enjoyed. I always wish I had stepped away from the table a bit sooner. Ugh, the tightness of the waistline in your pants, Oh that is horrible! I can only imagine what that guy on the TV show feels like after each show taping. The piles of food they show on screen is enough to turn me into an anorexic.

There is actually no danger of that happening though because I do love good food. I don't know how to prepare good food, but I love it anyway. Pasta & veggies is good & it is easy enough for me. I dislike spending time in the kitchen. It just bores me & I get distracted & forget to watch the pan & I hate to try to figure out when something is "done". The recipe will say "simmer until done" or bake until done." Umm that does nothing to help me at all! Give me an exact time measurement & if it is still too pink I can blame it on the recipe!

But I am looking forward to watching the new movie about Julia Child called "Julia & Julie"! Watching...that I can do! And I am pretty sure she is not going to force someone to eat a 5 pound hamburger!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rocker Son is Doing Better

Today Rocker Son's back boo-boo is looking a bit better. He is keeping it bandaged & covered with triple antibiotic cream & it is getting smaller & a little less gross. Being the mom to a 22 year old who does stupid stuff is not any easier than parenting a 3 year old who does fearless things. But at least the 3 year old is just exploring his world & doesn't know any better. Can't say the same for Rocker Son & his night time exploits which make me kinda crazy at times. Most of the time I have remained calm & not given in to too much worry about him & his wild lifestyle. I really have been pretty amazing, I think!

But when he comes home from a wedding with a drunk induced injury, I am grabbing at all the peace I can get. PEACE cannot live along side fear, have you noticed that? So, I am not allowing fear to make me crazy when he is out partying with his huge group of friends. I am remembering the times that he has been rescued & protected in his life. I am recalling the time he fell off a tube in a rushing river & was pinned under the water when he was about 6. He told me again recently that he saw an angel or something bright under there & seeing it made him feel that he was going to be OK. I believe he was protected. But.....

Does protection happen when you are being stupid? Tonight I am choosing to say "Yes" to that question. If it was God that rescued Rocker Son then, why not trust that God would protect him now? God has certainly gotten me out of some dumb situations! Aren't most of us being stupid at least 50% of the time anyway?

That is how I get myself back to PEACE. By remembering the times that the "bad thing" I was scared of, never happened. Remembering the times that everything worked out great & even better than I could have arranged on my own. I am so thankful for my healthy sons & the normally pretty sensible heads they have on their shoulders. Call me a "Pollyanna" but it works for me & keeps me from getting all over-protective & control-freaky over my family.
(Didn't know I was going to go this direction when I sat down to write, but I guess whatever is "on top" comes out, doesn't it?)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

WARNING! Graphic Pics!

Now, aren't you happy my photo uploader works again??! Ha!

Story behind this adorable pic is found here.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Help! I still cannot load pictures on here! Maybe you can help me.
On the little upload pics box that comes up when you are writing a new post there is the space with the word "BROWSE" next to it.
On mine now, instead of saying BROWSE , just a little rectangle that blinks when I click on it, but nothing happens.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I cannot upload pics anymore!! Driving me crazy. But you actually ought to be thankful that my subject today is not accompanied by the photo I took for it. The post will most definitely lack some strong punch by not being illustrated for you but, dang it, I'm stuck!

Rocker Son (22yrs) came home the other night with a huge & extremely ugly wound on his back. It is the shape of a large pork chop, bigger than a normal chop though. It is a serious scrape, pussy, bloody & tender with lots of missing skin in the center. That's the gross pic you are not getting to gaze at right now.

So I asked, containing my desire to shriek, "How did this happen?"
His answer? "Went to a wedding last night."

As if that was a fine & normal answer! Oh yah, you attended a wedding, that happens to me all the time when I go to the nuptials of good friends. Those can be pretty dangerous evenings.

There is one huge difference between our circles of friends though. I will drink some wine at a wedding. My friends sometime drink a tiny bit more than they should but HIS friends do not consider it a complete event unless they end up literally falling down drunk.

Which explains his wedding injury. He apparently stumbled over something that was metal & sharp & it scraped as he landed on the ground. A normal occurrence according to him. Now we are daily cleaning & wrapping it & fighting infection.
Do I clean it lovingly & with motherly mutterings? Well, I AM muttering, but it is NOT with loving words. He does not work enough to afford insurance, no coverage at all. I am telling him to wise up & stop putting himself in dumb situations & by the way...get a better job ok?

Ok I have vented my motherly venting for the week, thanks for listening. Oh, and please be aware that he NEVER drives drunk. The girls of his group always drive the guys home. (Yes women are smarter but will do very stupid stuff for their guys.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This will be a bullet point post because that is how my mind is working right now.
  • Did your picture upload thing change on your blog posting? I can't upload a pic because it has a different little symbol there & it responds not at all. I love using pics with my posts! What's the deal?
  • My computer caught a bug & I got it cleaned out & then used RESTORE to how it was one month ago. Now for some reason I have no toolbar, no favorites, no HOME symbol to get me back to my homepage. Argh!
  • We are experiencing triple digit weather late into the night. Well, at least it's late for it to be 106 degrees at 9pm!! Just not right!
  • Yay for air conditioning!!!
  • I have missed all of you guys these last few weeks!
  • How can you miss people you've never met? Ha!
  • Rocker Son said he was moving out. Got myself prepared for it emotionally.
  • Actually began to look forward to it, extra bathroom etc.
  • That was 2 months ago, still here!
  • I've been working out for at least 30 minutes every morning for the last 3 weeks! Well, 5 or 6 days a week.
  • Kinda over-did it yesterday. Having trouble walking! Who'd a thought that lifting 4 pounds over your head & between your legs would make your inner thighs yell at you!
  • Didn't have real weights, so I used a huge 4lb box of microwave popcorn!
  • Was seriously craving popcorn for some reason.
  • Kinda wanting some now too!
  • Bye

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was in the courthouse jury room for several hours today.
After being there LAST Friday
and then told to call EVERY morning
and EVERY evening for the last 4 days
to see if I needed to come in the same day!
Couldn't make plans....
had to cancel important meetings.

So, at last TODAY I had to go in
and they RELEASED ME!

I will not at this point, go into the
emotional mess this put me in due
to the content of this creep's crimes.
Obviously I was not able to be objective
because I had a history as a victim of the same kind of crime.
ANYWAY...... I am done & free!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not Fun!

I have promised under oath that I will not talk or write about my doings for the last few days & possibly next week....but I will say this......

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weather..or not

"....this exquisite weather....I enjoy it all over me......
from top to toe, from right to left,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pets Aren't Patriotic!

I hope you all enjoyed fun & safe Fourth of July celebrations! I have a good friend from England who just mutters through the holiday each year! He says we all need to repent. Ha! Anyway that adorable pic above was taken about 21 or so years ago. Writer Son is on the left & Rocker Son is on the right. Couple of cuties weren't they? Here is an updated pic of them this last Easter........If you go see the pic of them at the very end of that Easter post, you will agree that they are no longer described as cute &/or adorable very often. Maybe when they each finally figure out how to find a wife, she may use those words, but for now, uh uh!

My Fourth Of July memories always come flooding back as we join with friends to eat yummy BBQ & watch the cities' fireworks displays. Our town has totally outlawed ANY AND ALL home fireworks, so there are no groups of families in the streets screaming & waving fire around in their hands at all.

My childhood July 4th evenings involved sitting in my backyard by myself soothing my jittery cocker spaniel. She absolutely went nuts at all that unexplainable racket in the skies & in the streets in front of our house! I can still feel her trembling body & rapidly beating heart as I held her close & spoke sweet nothings in her ear. Poor baby!

Unfortunately, many years later as an adult, I again had a dog problem on this noisiest of all holidays! Molly, another cocker spaniel, always freaked out every year & managed to scale our very high backyard fence, which she CANNOT climb at any other time! The panic just gave her some extra crazy adrenaline I guess & off she would go into the night! There were many serious problems with this doggy-panic-attack.

We were often not home on these nights because we went to friends homes to have BBQ & watch city lights as we did this year. We would arrive home late at night & I would immediately head to the backyard to check on her & sure enough she had found a way to escape even though we thought we had covered every possible means of exit. The complication came in that she was a solid black cocker spaniel who had become deaf in her old age. So how do you find a coal black, deaf dog in a dark & quiet neighborhood after all your neighbors have gone to bed?

Our family divided up & began walking the close streets & yards. We couldn't call her name, which was very frustrating! After a long time of searching I called all the guys back to the house to just wait till morning. One of my sons was so heartbroken he sat in his room holding our cat just praying that Molly would come home. About an hour passed in a quiet & very sad home when we heard a scratching at the front door, I opened it to find our dirty & weed cover doggy, just wiggling with delight at finding her way home to us!

I led her back to my sons room & without thinking I opened the door & let her in. I forgot about the cat in there & the important fact that they fought like...well, like cats & dogs!! What a noisy, hissing, scratching mess of rejoicing went on in there!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Will Rocker Son Do It?

No, I haven"t gotten the tattoo YET! But I just had the BEST idea yesterday! I am going to ask my 22 year old son to choose the place & take me to get the tattoo! I am going to ask him if it would embarrass him too much to take me to one of his fav places to get my butterfly tattoo. He has several tats all over his body. He got his first one by forging my name on the parental permission slip because he was underage. THAT was NOT a fun time in our house!

But something in me feels like this would be a great bonding experience for us. Either that or I will entirely ruin his tough guy reputation in front of his friends! Hmm.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009