Sunday, July 18, 2010

What Is Coming In the Mail?

As I have been babbling about for a few months, Writer Son is getting married on 10/10/10 in the hot state of Texas. I am so happy and excited about it! My new adorable daughter-in-law-to-be is a treasure whom I already love to pieces!

As the MOG ( mother of the groom ) for the first time, I started browsing through the wedding sites as soon as the news broke. Those helpful and overwhelming websites ( I can totally see why modern brides freak out! ) led me to special websites just for MOG dress shopping!

It took me a while to go along with the idea of actually buying and wearing one of these amazing and dramatic dresses. "Gowns" are really a more appropriate description though. I started to get excited about looking like a queen for a day. ( looking like a princess is a thing of the past, so I am skipping on to queen. ) I began to bookmark the ones that I thought flattered my shape. Though I have never worn anything like these silky, chiffony, lacy concoctions!

The MOG sites also instructed me that the 'mothers' of the wedding couple needed to coordinate their dresses to compliment one another regarding length and style. Color didn't matter much, just not to get too flashy or sexy. "Flashy" and "sexy" are not my problem at all! Even though I am a "recovering church lady", I seldom wear dresses of any kind. I love my jeans and cargo pants. But I was looking forward to having an excuse to glam it up for once in my life! ( other than my own wedding! )

So, with all this dress description you may be wondering why I have a picture of an extremely low-key and casual summer dress on this post? Well, it turns out that the wedding will be a very casual, outdoor celebration! I was actually relieved to hear this after all. So I began to bookmark casual black and white summer dresses because the wedding colors were black with purple accents.

The wedding party colors have changed to brown with purple and yellow accents. ( Told you it was casual! Ha! ) Miss M, the Bride, wants the moms to wear one of the accent colors. ( Did you know they now tell the moms exactly what color to wear? ) Well, I am NOT going to wear a long yellow dress, it does not do nice things to my skin. So I have been shopping for a long summery purple dress.

I saw the dress pictured above, online at a chain store. Today I went to the local store to try it on and buy it before all the summery items get replaced by sweaters and jackets. They did not have my size in the dark purple. It fit well in another color though and I really loved it. I came home and ordered it online and it will arrive in a week or so. But there is one tiny problem.........

Just after I clicked on SUBMIT ORDER, my eyes saw the words COLOR: RANDOM. What?!! I was sure I was ordering the color in the picture on the description page. What in the world is "random"? What will be arriving in the mail? I don't know........but at least I know what store to return it to if it is pink, yellow and green all over!

Should be interesting.


  1. Oh, oh. What are you going to do if they don't have it in the purple? I wish I could wear purple butit makes me look like I have liver disease. Anyway, I'd have an alternate in mind. (I speak from experience.)
    I love the one pictured. Very summer garden party chic.

  2. RANDOM? Hmm... probably means the fabric will be slightly random if hand dyed or something? Should hopefully look similar to the picture though, hopefully. ::crosses fingers for ya::

  3. Yikes! Well, maybe you'll love it, even if it's in the wrong color. I rarely find anything I like, so if I do, I buy 2 or 3 in different colors. So maybe you'll be able to do the same.

    I love your description of being a recovering church lady. I can't even call myself a church lady. I'm a former nursery worker. My hubby is a student minister, and I have little ones. So I always end up stuck in the nursery. I'm the girl who's always wearing jeans and tennies. I'm in a hideous stage of life; I need to make more effort to look better, but I'm too chubby from having babies. So I won't buy cute clothes until I lose some weight. So I just feel frumpy.

    I'm so proud of you for reclaiming your girlie looks. You're gorgeous. Have fun with it!

  4. Shawna-
    ha! I spent about , let's see... 10 years in Nursery Duty!! Oh the life of pastors wives!

  5. Love the dress - it's perfect for a casual wedding. Hope "random" means purple with a design!

  6. hate to order online. it's a pretty dress, i hate to do returns

  7. Oh, that's a darling dress. Hope the random was just another word for purple...I made a comment on your post about wedding dresses, before I read this post. Just delete that last one, please. :-)


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