Friday, October 30, 2009

They are Baaaaack!!

It is holiday yard decorating time again. No, not cute little christmas wreaths & fake snowmen. In my neighborhood it's all about how creepy you can get for Halloween. And to make it even awfull-er looking they are using a bunch of plastic inflatables this year!!!

I so hate those things! Way back last December I wrote about the "Santa Graveyard". My rant was regarding all those blow-up Santas, elves, cartoon people etc in so many yards around me. Not only are they ugly when blown-up, but every single morning they are flat & it looked like I was driving past huge Santa Cemeteries every morning!

This week my neighbors erected about 6 huge monsters & creatures all over their yard. Then we had a crazy wild wind storm & they got shredded & I thought that would be the end of it, but today they are back again! I guess I am a Halloween Grinch if there is such a thing, I wouldn't want to be the parent of small kiddies now when you never know what scary thing is around the corner for the month of October.

Ok I think I am done with my grumbling for now. I doubt if I have an appropriate picture to post because I am on MY NEW MACBOOK!! Yep, I am loving it & do not regret changing one bit! I haven't uploaded many pics but I'll go take a look now before I post this amazing piece of literature................Oh! There you go, I found that adorable little dancing skeleton, I'm surprised the neighbors don't have him in their yard too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Victim of Peer Pressure?

Who is affecting who? My face looks pretty strange here, especially considering that we were really in a goofy mood on the back row of a class time. Two of my former students joined us for the day & we laughed & compared our body art while others led the teaching time.

As you other teachers out there know, we learn more than we teach sometimes. This new generation is so inspiring in the beautiful & fun freedom they have! I know that I am making a positive difference in their lives, but at the same time they are also nudging me towards having more fun & turning off the "I'm too old" talk! That's why I love being around them so much!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Getting It!

I'm playing around until I get it figured out. This is so fun! That first pic is some kind of special effect to make it look like a sketch I think. Ok back to work....I mean play!

I'm A MacBooker!

I stayed home from work today to be here for my awaited MacBook delivery. I am normally home by 3 or 4 & FedX often comes as late as 5 or 6 but I was not taking any chances. The idea of my shiny new MacBook sitting on my corner lot porch was not acceptable. So I ran one quick early morning errand & got busy cleaning my house to help me pass the time.

Only problem was that I kept running to the front door every time I heard anything near sounding like a big delivery truck on my block! Then I happened to be near the front door when someone knocked on it & I nearly jumped out of my skin! I even yelped in surprise & the delivery guy was chuckling when I opened the door.

So I have spent the following 9 hours with 2 hours off for meals, exploring this new world of Mac-ness. It is a bit different & will take some getting used to, but I am totally thrilled with my new toy! And guaranteed no viruses!! woo-hoo! At this point I can't figure out how to get the one photo booth pic I took of myself onto this post, but I'll get it figured out before long.

I am one happy camper and a super thankful one too! And now I can sit anywhere I want when I'm on my computer. My messed up laptop could not be moved even one inch without it switching to battery, even when it was plugged in! Argh! Now I am FREE!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Can So Be Bought!!!!

I realize that I should think this post through before hitting publish.....but I AM TOO EXCITED to wait! Something truly amazing & shocking has occurred in my family & I am still reeling with the unexpectedness of it. Oh it's good, yes is good!

Most women can be bribed, bought, blessed or whatever you want to call it by a gift of diamonds or gold or shoes. I guess that I am a nerd, remember when I was overwhelmed to tears when Hubs bought me my Blackberry? I still cannot believe what I am about to type.........Hubs bought me a very expensive MacBook!!!!! Told you I was a nerd!

It is not my birthday, anniversary, Christmas or even pms. He did it totally out of the blue, for no reason other than MY PLEASURE! Yes, it is technically our money, not his, but we don't spend easily, especially on PLEASURE items.

Buying the motorcycles was a very big deal that we talked over & around for ages before giving ourselves permission to invest in our FUN. We are both sale rack junkies & he adores eBay for the cheap deals he can hunt up. We have been INTENTIONALLY trying to see pleasure as something worth putting our money into. That it is just as important as being productive & a hard worker.

God INVENTED pleasure! He likes it a lot! Men & women were designed to give each other pleasure right? That was not a necessity in the creation process. Look at wild flowers & the varieties of fish in the sea. Why make so many different colors, aromas & shapes? For our delight & for God's pleasure!

When Hubs first handed me the print out of what he had ordered from the Mac Store, my eyes searched for the number with the little striked through S! The $ sign. When I saw it I told him no way, it made no sense. I don't make my living on a laptop. He just kept grinning & nodding at me as my mind told me that I had better get busy on becoming a real writer & bringing more office work home with me to make this worthwhile. While wiping tears away in the office bathroom (We were at work!) I heard my God whisper, "It's for pleasure Dear." WHAT?

Pleasure is not a sensible reason to spend big bucks! I am learning that pleasure is indeed God's idea & telling us to take a day for rest was only the beginning. We require joy, laughter & fun to be our best. My arguing with Hubs or with God would be ridiculous at this point.
The deed is done. And I AM GETTING A MACBOOK !! Arriving next week on my doorstep!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. Shopaholic

Even though Hubs violently refused to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" with me, he has more than a little bit in common with the main character! He is a SHOPPER, but unlike her, he is not much of a BUYER. He just really enjoys the hunt & the excitement of finding an amazing deal. eBay was made for him! He has clothed himself with eBay finds & managed to buy our first bike & all it's extras totally from eBay hunting. So yes, he does sometimes actually part with the bucks in order to snag the shocking deal of the century, but not in a habitual or negative way.

These pics are of our SECOND MOTORCYCLE! Another great deal, this one found through Craig's List. We have been longing to take some longer over-night trips & the first bike was not made for long rides with 2 people. This Yamaha Road Star is way more comfy for me. Floorboards instead of just pegs & a wider (snicker, snicker!) seat for my wider seat. Ha! And it has all those yummy cargo bags so I can actually take more than just what I can fit in my pockets now!! Learning to leave the house without my purse was a huge hurdle to jump over when we first started riding! Such a woman! There are also 2 more matching bags that can be strapped on the bike behind me.
That is Rocker Son with Hubs checking out the bike the first day we brought it home. He approves & is probably devising a way to get his hands on it sometime.

I have found one little bug-a-boo with this bike though. See those big side bags that I was so happy to get? And that nice back rest for me? Well, in order to get myself on the bike after Hubs is seated I must raise my leg up & OVER like getting on a really wide horse. But the horse would not have a high backrest to reach beyond. Not a problem with the bag-less bike, but I guess the extra width of those hard sided bags is adding a bit of major stretch to the job!

Back to the YOGA workouts for me!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fill In -Whatever!

I have a lot going around in my head to write about & for some reason that makes me put it off! It doesn't make sense I know! I know. So I will do this Fill-It-In-Friday thing instead ok? OK.
#145 we go!

1. Sweet dreams are what life is all about!

2. I had a decoupaged journal made especially for me.

3. Silliness is medicine to the soul, like laughter for the heart!

4. I will traditionally be watching "White Christmas" again this Halloween.

5. Outstanding or not I will keep doing this silly blog!

6. A magic weight-loss wand is what I want right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting after being flu-ish, tomorrow my plans include getting some food in this house and Sunday, I want to go have fun at church & out to eat with my friends!