Why Walking Butterfly?

I used to live inside a cocoon of my own design. I loved God and I had built a nice, safe cocoon to hide in and protect myself from the big bad world. He took care of me and carried me through some really great times and some very bad times. It was fine and comfy in there for quite a while. It worked. I had fashioned the cocoon myself, so it was only as large as I allowed it to be. It fit long as I stayed the same size.

But that crusty, old cocoon was not where I belonged. The original plan for me was way too big to fit in that ugly little thing that I had made for myself. So God began to gently change me while I was still inside my safety capsule. Little by little my form grew and expanded until that covering began to feel uncomfortable.

Who in the world would choose to be a caterpillar over a butterfly?  Well, for quite a while I hung on to that useless cocoon even as it was breaking apart, since it was all I knew. What else could there be? But the sunshine pulled me out and I have learned there is more! 


It is a daily adventure to explore all the aspects of my new freedom. I am finding that I just did not know what I did not know! Boring? Ever seen a bored butterfly?

One morning while thinking about my cocoon escape, two words popped into my head that gave me a silly picture! It made me smile because I knew exactly what it meant.

The words that came were 'walking butterfly'...

and the picture was a beautiful butterfly with multi-colored wings that were huge behind her. They were strong and bright and even a bit overwhelming.

But she was walking!

I could clearly see her walking down the sidewalk, dragging those perfectly good wings behind. She seemed quite pleased with herself and even carried a nice purse that matched her shoes. I told you it was silly!

I suppose the thought of a walking butterfly could be seen as a sad picture, but for me it was comical because I knew that I was that silly butterfly and that God was lovingly sending me a message. He was gently showing me that I already have all I need to begin to fly free. I keep waiting and asking Him to equip me and make me all He wants me to be. While I am asking, He is looking at those huge wings that I am dragging around. He has given us the equipment, but we need to use it.

I was meant to fly! I have the wings and it is time to use them.