Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hype Always Leads to Disappointment.....

Oh man,
I'm too tired.
Left the house at 9am
and just walked back in at 10pm.

You can wait one more day


  1. Yeah. One more day. We'll be waiting.

  2. Well then tomorrow morning enjoy a wonderfully, peaceful cup of coffee in your awesome back yard.

    Those all day running days are brutal!

    Hope you're enjoying your summer so far! :)

    I think we're planning a motorcycle trip down to your neck of the woods soon!

  3. Sundays are brutal. We left the house (after getting all three kids ready for a full day) at about 8:20 (was supposed to be 7:45). We went to church, Sunday school, lunch, a play date, girls Bible study (which I lead), UMYF (which Reggie leads), and then finally home. Quick dinner, lots of fits and tantrums, some family time, and bed time (which seems to drag on forever with little ones). Like I said, Sundays are brutal. I hope you got some rest! Can't wait to hear about your day.

  4. Ok Shawna, you just beautifully illustrated the "fun" life of a ministry family!! Oy!


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