Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now And Then

At least his tongue is not out in the Fourth of July pic this year. Rocker Son is my funny, independent, thrill seeker who is determined to ( mess up his body ) be himself no matter what it cost. I admire that in him so much, because I was not that strong at his age.

Today he is off to Vegas with friends and a single goal, to party hard and make memories that can only be remembered by looking at the pictures later. I told him to please be careful and that I don't want to get a bad news call about him. His answer, which I've heard many times is that his talk about getting crazy is all just talk, hype.



  1. We can't help but worry about those sons of matter what their age is. They are always "our babies". So awesome that he's free to be himself with you. Good for him!! It also shows what a good mama he has that allows him to be himself.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you Candace. They do keep us praying!

  3. our boys, our boys........yep, i cant help but admire his strength of character while I pray for his safe return........ xx

  4. I hope he had a good, safe time in Vegas.

  5. I'm thankfully still in the "then" stage. And I'll go into the "now" kicking and screaming.

    I can't even think about it (-:

  6. Mrs - Wise choice! I realize that my perspective may be depressing for young moms.....but the reality is that my love for my sons is just as strong as when they were little cuties. All ages bring joy & frustration, we hope that the joy outweighs the frustration! Ha!


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