Sunday, May 18, 2008

Your Fat Is Beautiful!

I have had some wonderful moments of clarity while riding with my husband Curt on his motorcycle. I love the freedom it brings & the sense that all is right with my world while we are speeding along enjoying the time away from the office. As I sit behind him I usually find myself smiling & worshiping as we point out the beautiful sights we are finding in our area. I talk to God & thank Him for His goodness to us.

Yesterday while we roamed the countryside I heard, felt, sensed, a very quick & clear sentence from God that has messed me up a bit. I was wearing a black tank top covered by a black button down shirt & the wind had pulled the shirt back to reveal my tank covered tummy. When I looked down I grimaced at the ugly rolls of fat that I saw & I immediately heard God say to me,

 “Your fat is beautiful.” What??

Let me say that even a husband knows never to say such a thing to his wife. A careful hubby may say, “I love the way you look.” Or “You are perfect just the way you are.” Or any number of similar versions that will keep him out of trouble & still be close to honest.

But my God said to me that my fat is beautiful!!

What in the world do I do with this? My friends are hearing God tell them great nation-transforming strategies, or giving them visions of business plans that will help hungry people around the world. He tells me that my fat is beautiful. C’mon God, what are you saying here?

I do not have the answer to that question. But His comment has caused me to once again recognize that He is really, really different from us! His view & values are galaxies away from mine! God has a whole different measuring stick for life doesn’t He?

My God, who loves me, even adores me, has eyes that see everything through huge love & acceptance instead of judgment. My wonderful God is messing up my mind with little sentences like this that reveal Him to me. I do not understand the concept of calling rolls of fat beautiful.

I cannot agree with Him at this point, but I can try not to frown at myself so much. I have asked Him to live in me, in my mind, in my heart & in my body. Frowning at the mirror is not something I want to be doing is it?