Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Son's A Nerd

Loves Comics!
My Guys!
Writer Son is a nerd, always has been. But he is a really lovable nerd surrounded by more friends than I can count!
Future Bride is peeking through them!

"Help me!"
Grandma always listens.
Grandpa always naps!
Loves the drums!
His beloved Molly.
Such a goof!
Funny Face thinks he's sweet!
With his little brother.

First car
First job, Burger King
Mr & Mrs Nerd -to-be!

Writer Son is a Nerd...but he is our nerd.
And he is just days away from having a Mrs. Nerd by his side!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heat Wave Christmas?

At this very moment, 5:50 pm on September 28 it is 101 Degrees outside!!!
I saw Christmas decorations in a store yesterday.
So confused!

Monday, September 27, 2010

What Happens When One Movie Buff Marries Another Movie Buff?

Writer Son lives for movie and screen writing. His adorable fiance, Miss M has a degree in Film. I think I can be very confident that I will be getting some amazing videos of my future grandchildren!!

Our Story: Plain & Simple Vimeo.

B B & B Vimeo.

2 WEEKS Vimeo.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bad Hair Day?

I went to a short one hour class taught by Bill Meyer, an author of 110 fiction books. He also wrote the beloved Christian Book series, McGee & Me. The fun video versions were worn to pieces in our home when my kids were little.

I have never been interested in writing fiction but I attended because it was in my place of work anyway and I thought I may learn something about being a writer.

I did learn something without a doubt! I am NOT a fiction writer! I just do not have that imagination at all. The class was a workshop so the author talked a bit and then gave short assignments to demonstrate the process of creating a character and story out of nothing.

My head was hurting as I tried so very hard to spend 10 minutes thinking up a scenario and main character. I scribbled some words down and then listened in absolute amazement to my fellow classmates. They read aloud about a shy, awkward young guy with huge glasses and a talent for seeing the future. Another told us about a woman who was standing on her head in a public park and all the commotion it caused. On and on they went with funny and serious situations.

Thankfully we were not forced to read our stuff aloud!

What did I write, you ask? How's this?

A woman over fifty with an empty nest trying to find her purpose.

Ha! Totally NOT fiction! It's me! Oy!

So at least now I know for sure that creating a whole story full of people and places is not happening for me. Good to know.

Now for your assignment......What is up with that strange lady at the top of this page?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writers Write

So writers write, right?

I really and truly do not want to prove the commenter correct who said that she felt sorry for new writers who get all excited about writing but usually end up with nothing because it is so hard to do!

This summer with tons of free time, I was strongly inspired with a great writing idea and plan. But now that my new school job has begun, I have written very little in the past two weeks.

I am creatively and physically exhausted at the end of each day, and the weekends are full of doing the cleaning that could not be done earlier.

I am not making excuses.

Am I?

Where did all my creativity go?

I still have the book plan in writing. I still have the desire. I still believe that I can be a freelance writer.

And I definitely still need the $$ a LOT!

Maybe that is what has changed. The need for additional income inspired me to try again, but it also is taking some of the FUN out of the process.

Pressure can KILL creativity.

But pressure can also SPARK creativity!

Maybe I get to choose?! (Don't mind me, I am thinking aloud here a bit.) Hmm.

If I get to choose, than I clearly choose that the pressure will cause me to find a way.

I will find a way to fan the flame of creativity that is in me.

I choose not to let my two writing rejections stop me from submitting more articles to more places.

I did not fail. I did the first step in my writing plan. It was to begin a new blog and I DID that! I didn't fail.

I just got a bit tired. But that is normal at the beginning of every school year. The rhythm will come back.

I can do this. I am 55 years old, the waiting for maturity is pretty much over! If I am not mature yet....well then we are in trouble!

I want to be paid to write. Someone out there wants to pay me to write.

Here I am.

Monday, September 13, 2010

So This is Morning?!

Last Tuesday morning while getting ready for our first official day back at work,
I commented to Hubs that the sky
looked strange.

He told me that it was an early morning sky.


After a summer of sleeping in,
tomorrow I will be seeing that early morning
sky again!

The bod will adjust soon, I'm sure.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Month To Go!

Only about four more weeks until I am to become a Mother-In-Law for the first time!

I totally love Writer Son's chosen Bride, Miss M. She is adorable, smart, creative and in love with my son! What more could I ask for? Nothing at all!

I just now ordered this gorgeous necklace as a wedding gift from me to Miss M and I am so excited about it! It will be engraved with their names on the front and their wedding date, 10-10-10 on the back. Her favorite stone is a blue sapphire, so I included that stone rather than the birthstone of their wedding month.

Isn't it amazing? It is from an awesome website, The Pretty Peacock. Go check it out!

First Week of New Job!

I have completed my first week in
our new ministry/life school.
It has been intense, emotional
and super busy!

We ended the week with a relaxed picnic
at a near by park.
My regular posting will resume once I
get into the new rhythm.

After a summer of sleeping till 8 or 9
and then spending the next hour on
my mac has led to
a major culture shock
as I am now expected to be alive, awake and
focused by 7am!

The new adventure begins!

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Time For Fun!

It is time for fun.
Tomorrow my new job begins!
I will be "Pastoring" a whole bunch of
brand new ministry students.

My role has changed from Overseer to
Pastor, which to me means
All I have to do is love them.

I will be Mom to those who need
I will be a counselor to others
and a mentor to several.

It is time to set aside my
I am done judging and comparing
how I would organize things differently.

It is time to take off the
Critical-details glasses
and put on the

Jesus on a Mac
makes me smile.
The picture would anger some
and I guess that makes me smile too!

It is time for fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I attended a delightful wine country wedding yesterday. Two of our former students tied the knot next to a wonderful shimmering pond. We laughed a lot with close friends during the reception and enjoyed some great Philippine food.

As always the wedding of former students became a fun and emotional school reunion! I just love seeing so many of our students together to celebrate the joy of finding a mate. Especially when the mate is also a former student! Hubs and I are cupids I guess! We take all the credit as long as the marriages work out great.

This event also answered a burning question I have had.

When you wear spanx, like you see pictured here....where does the fat go? If it pulls you in to make you look more slender, then where does the extra flesh go?

I found the all becomes Back Fat! You basically just move the muffin top up to the bra line in back. It's a lovely feeling and even lovelier to see in the mirror when you are out with friends.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Probably Gonna Regret Writing This....(Updated)

I am at a loss.
See that lady up there? That is pretty much how my day began
and it has only gone down from there!

I know!
I am the Miss Pollyanna,
play the 'Glad Game' lady,

  • I learned Hubs & I will be making a third of last years income.
  • Sat in a meeting ABOUT another meeting.
  • Asked a question at the meeting & was shocked it had not been figured out yet!
  • I spoke sharply to the sweetest young man ever (my son's best friend!) as he tried to get my office computer to connect with the printer. (Been trying to get it fixed for three weeks!)
  • Have company coming to my house tonight for the first time in years!(other than family. I know, it's a long story.)
  • Got a call 5 minutes ago from co-worker. They want me to change up the forms they created for this new school.
  • Deadline? Tuesday next!
  • Just got an email from the eZine that I submitted a devotional to. They say no thanks but keep submitting.
  • But they did not tell me what was wrong with the one I already sent them!

God, help me!

Ok, my company just left and I wanted to add an update.
So I opened my Mac & here are your amazingly wonderful
and loving comments!!
Wow, you guys are the best!
Thank you so much. I feel very cared for!

AND the update is.....
We had the greatest evening!
Our company was the new Interns that have been assigned to us
in our new job.
One is a single girl and the other is married. So we had the married couple and
the single girl over for snacks.

All three of them are FORMER STUDENTS of ours!
Can you see where this is going?
Oh how wonderful to sit and laugh and share school stories,
hear their hearts and their desires and goals!

To now being working WITH them is a total joy
& a brand new experience for us.
They are so excited and happy to be able to spend time with us.

Ahem....Thanx God!
And thanx for my Bloggy friends!