Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011, I'm Ready For You!

Rocker Son and his sweetheart! So cute! 
Writer Son and his sweetheart of a new wife!

We enjoyed a fun and laughter filled
dinner together at our favorite chinese restaurant
to celebrate New Year's Eve!

My sons are both in love
and I had no idea
how much that would make
my heart happy!

Happy 2011
my wonderful blog friends.
I also had no idea how
many amazing, warm, funny and loving
friends I would find by blogging!

I pray you all jump into this new year
all the way without reserve.
That's what I plan to do.
I am sick of caution,
it's time

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good-Bye 2010

It is time to pack away the last of year 2010.
Tucking Rosemary Clooney (White Christmas movie) safely 
away into the Christmas chest,
along side the family ornaments.

One Christmas card is staying on the mantel however.
 It makes me smile every time I walk by it!

Speaking of my son and daughter-in-love....
oh you weren't speaking of them?
Well, they are my main attraction right now as they
travel ever closer to California.

They were at the Grand Canyon yesterday......

Writer Son's caption under this photo of his new bride:

"The Grand Canyon just got 10 times more beautiful!"

 I know! Sweetness to usher us into a brand new year!

Two-thousand-ten was not a great year for me personally.
Seeing my two sons in good relationships 
are the bright spots in an otherwise tough last 8 months.

And that is worth a lot isn't it?
I look at my men
and I smile 
with thankfulness.

Now as I enter two-thousand-eleven
it is time for me to look ahead
remind myself of what is behind me.
No, not the year that is behind me....
but the WINGS that are behind me.

Walking Butterfly is about using those big gorgeous wings
to fly
rather than dragging them
like a walking butterfly.

It is time to fly.
I am sick of

Ready, set, go........

Monday, December 27, 2010

Watch Out Cali !

They left Texas early this morning
heading to us in California.

Life is about to get
a bit more interesting!

For the millions who do not
 normally read me;
Writer Son and his Sassy Bride
are moving to our town
this week!!

Happy mama & papa!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Photo Overview Today.......

I made this pretty angel & may sell them
next year.
My fav ornament, made by Hubs when he was five! 

Writer Son & Sassy Bride sent this out as their newlywed
Christmas card! So funny!
I have shown my Nativity collection before, but I also
collect cool Santas!

One of my students is making/selling these knit
cuties to raise funds for a mission trip to Africa in the Spring!

My fav Christmas movie!
I begin watching it on Halloween night! Ha!

I made these monogram coasters last week!
I got the idea from a fellow blogger!

This is as close to a white Christmas that we get
in our area! Stayed dark & foggy all day today!

Rocker Son & his girl gave me the sweet cookie jar
full of amazing cookies from a special shop near them!

And those amazing cookies were my Christmas breakfast!
So yummy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Suger Plums Dancing in My Head

Californians get silly when visiting snow country!
 I did not sleep much last night. In the past, even in my grown up years I have not slept well during Christmas week due to excitement and high anticipation. But my sleep last night was not disturbed by Christmas at all. As I was drifting off to dreamland a surprising little thought occurred to me. It has totally changed my mood and given me a brand new surge of energy and excitement. 

I was thinking about newly married (10-10-10) Writer Son and Sassy Bride arriving here from out of state on New Year's Eve. They are not just visiting, they are MOVING HERE! Hubs and I are so happy and giggly about it! 

I realized that life around here is going to change rather abruptly. Writer Son has Sassy Bride, and Rocker Son has a new girlfriend (Hmm, need a name) and they will ALL be living near us. I know they have tons of friends and will be socially busy, but still! They will be in our house often I am sure. (don't tell me otherwise for now ok?)  At last our quiet, calm and clean house will be full of life, laughter and family again! I will have SIX at the table sometimes! 
2007, the last time we were in a snow state at Christmas!
What kept me awake was a mind that decided it was the perfect time to plan the very first get together of all six of us! Writer Son & Sassy will be arriving in town on the 30th so I am trying for a New Year's Eve early dinner so they can all go out and carouse with friends after eating with us. 

As I tried to sleep, my thoughts were full of seating arrangements and meal ideas and wondering if Writer Son & Sassy will need to sleep here if their furniture movers had not arrived yet. Also swirling through my dreamless sleep were thoughts of how great Rocker Son's girl is going to love Sassy Bride!

Oh yes, it is interesting how quickly things can change! I was moaning about our empty-nest, boring, quiet season, and I believe that in the next few days we will have a houseful of life! 

And when we get tired and want to be alone
we can just kick them out!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Was Wrong!

Yes, it happens. I made a mistake, a misjudgment, a clear case of judging a book video by it's cover!! In my last post I mocked my Hubs Christmas movie choice here.  But I was very wrong! This movie is so good and very mushy holiday emotion stirring. Just the ticket for a seasonal video.

Especially if you have a few humans of the male gender in your home. You can get them all hyped up on the gritty, war time blood and guts that the cover promises. Then they will find themselves wiping tears away as they watch soldiers from three countries spontaneously call a cease fire for Christmas Eve and even get to see a bit of soccer played between the countries who are mortal enemies at war!

But they will need to know how to read because it is sub-titled. The movie is based on true stories of this happening on several battlefields in  December 1914 in WW1. Very cool and inspiring!
(Joyeux Noel)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hub's idea of
bringing home
Christmas movie!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Is More Than One Day

It’s a rainy, windy day outside my window this December morning. Christmas music is flowing through my house and I have my giant mug of hot cocoa beside me. I am smiling because I just remembered one of my favorite little seasonal treats and I tossed some broken up candy canes into my cocoa! Oh so, so very good!

Yesterday I told Hubs that while everyone else is counting down the days till Christmas with high anticipation I am just ready for it to be over and done with!

What? Is that a horrible thing to say at this time of year? Yes, it is! But we are empty nesters and our extended families are out of state. It’s too expensive and complicated for us to go to them or them to come to us.

Hub’s response to me was a very wise observation that will surprise those around us who see his anti-social, curmudgeon side a bit too often. He said that too many people put all the emphasis on the one day of Christmas. Everything is working up to December 25th. Expectations are high and sometimes those expectations bring a lot of stress with them.

But Hubs said that our Christmas this year really is all about the whole month of gatherings and parties and cooking and shopping. It’s the entire season that should be savored and enjoyed. And we have been enjoying the season very much. We even had a Christmas party in our home this year! And we have attended some great rollicking parties in other homes as well. 

Is it possible that my own personal scrooge is morphing into Will Farrell’s ELF? Well, I don’t think so, since I still haven’t heard him say,

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”


“I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins!”

No, I don't think he has found his "inner elf", but right this minute, he is out in the cold garage working on his motorcycle and I am sipping hot cocoa and writing. We are each doing our favorite things! Hubs is right, it is not about one day. We do have a fun plan for Christmas Day but it won’t be like we remember them in our past.

There will be Christmases in the future that are packed full of people, food and little ones, like our holidays used to be. For now, for this time in our lives, it is quiet and easy and sweet. This day is my Merry Christmas and it is very good!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today we battled our way through the intense crowd of frenzied shoppers at the mall to pick up my two new pairs of glasses! I am so happy with them, yay for new "face jewelry" as one of my commenters so perfectly put it!

Want some before and afters? You do? Well, ok.....

Here are my old glasses. Not awful, but they did not feel like me. Felt too old for me. And even worse they hurt and were always sliding down so that dark line of the top rim landed right in the middle of my eyes!

 I found a great deal for two pair of glasses, so these are the roundish pair in burgundy.

 And these are my favorite! They are a dark brown tortoise shell color. Feels more like me.

This last pic is to keep this post from being as boring as it is!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Party Time!

 We had about twenty people in our home last night! For many of you this is normal behavior, especially at this time of year. For Hubs and me it is unusual behavior, at least for the last ten years. So this makes last night's event a pretty  big deal.

Ten years ago we were the senior pastors of a small church so our home was full of people all the time. We had parties and meetings several times a month. I loved it, Hubs tolerated it but knew it was part of the job.

For the last ten years we have not opened our home very much because it was not expected or required of us in our changed position as teachers of a ministry school. But there is another really creepy and gross reason we've kept our house
off limits to even our close friends.

Our two sons were living at home and the "guest" bathroom was their bathroom. (at this point I am wondering why I am announcing this to the world?!) You know how little boys are really dirty, messy and pretty much oblivious to cleanliness?

Well, as little boys get bigger, the mess gets bigger. At least for our house it did. I tried everything to get them to clean  the bathroom. There were check-lists taped inside the mirror doors giving them step by step instructions for keeping the room useful to humans. Did not work.

 The truth is that we did not have company because our house needed a lot of work and the bathroom was just too horrible to allow friends to use it. I used to lock it and tape a note to please use the master bedroom's bathroom down the hall.

 But now that we are EMPTY NESTERS, we have remodeled the guest bath and it is beautiful! So this year we invited our Connection Group of twenty students that attend the ministry school. The school has three Connection Groups of twenty people each.

We had a great time with our wonderful students! The small tree in the main room was covered with glittery ornaments we found at Wmart for only $1 each and we had them choose one to take home along with a goodie bag. Their surprise and delight was super fun! Even Hubs had a great time!

From now on I think we will be having more company in our pretty home and I am so looking forward to it!
The clincher was when one of our girls came to me and told me that the bathroom was so serene she wanted to just stay in there!!