Saturday, July 17, 2010

After a Really Hot Day.....

Like my new helmet decal?

Do you see the shoe?
I didn't see it till I was editing the pic!

Kind of water colorish!

Ghost Tree?

We took an evening ride tonight
to shake off the
A/C stir craziness of a hot day!


  1. I do, I the helmet decal. If it were mine, it would be a dragonfly!
    I love the photos!
    I'm so glad to have you join me at Weezer's Haven. I find so much I like about your blog. I'll be going back into past posts and catching up.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Cool photos! I enjoy taking photos from the car, on the passenger side, of course. But, how I would love to ride a motorcycle, or drive a scooter again. It has been too many years ago!

  3. hi! just came across your blog. such a variety in your life. great photos. will follow Rose at

  4. Thanx Ladies, and welcome new friends!


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