Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Always Been A Trend Setter

It's late, well it's 9:30pm, but still I clicked on "NEW POST" at 9:30pm without a clue what to write about. Don't you love a first sentence like that? Really grabs you, a writer with real intentionality! Actually I stumbled across this photo just now and thought I would chat about it a bit.

My mom is looking at the camera, that's her sister in the striped blouse. And the concentrated reader is me. I was, and still am an avid & constant reader. Hubs teases me about reading cereal boxes if nothing else is around. One of my favorite things about my Blackberry is that I always have something to read while waiting somewhere without a book!

My mother and my aunt had those teased and hair sprayed styles that were accomplished by a longstanding once a week hair appointment to get it "done". At night they wrapped their heads in toilet paper or special terry cloth turban thing to sleep without messing up the poofiness! And I am just now figuring out that you really don't need to wash your hair every day. They knew what they were doing after all! But you won't find TP on my head at night!

The best and most revealing thing in this picture? Look at our clothes. My mom & I are wearing MATCHING VESTS!! Yep, that's me, always the fashionable trend setter!

OK it's 10:15, time to go to bed and read.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perks Of An Empty Nest

I have a lot of Blog friends who are mommies to young kids. You guys are fun to read and as I have said before, I am pretty jealous of you for being a young mom in the age of the Internet. There are so many perks you enjoy and it is very possible that you may not even realize how lucky you are!

  • You don't suffer from the feeling of isolation that the moms of the earlier decades endured. Baby talk for 8 hours a day, most days of the week led us to the sensation of being dumber than a stick when we actually got around other grown-ups for any conversation longer than, "Did you get the diaper bag by the door?" "No, thought you did!".
  • Our only advice source was our own Mom or the Doctor's Office. Both of those can be entirely not-helpful at times.
  • You can display hundreds of adorable photos of your kids without seeing the dreaded look of boredom that can appear on your co-workers face or the other moms in the Doctors Office, since that is the only social outing for the month!
  • Having hundreds of Blog friends to inspire you and help you know you are not going crazy is a huge and gigantic perk to being a young mom today! I am jealous.....but I do not want to go back and do it again.

I am a happy EMPTY NESTER and here are some of the perks of having your kids grow up and move out of your house..........I know, I know, even speaking such words make you clutch your heart! But when the time comes, you will be ready.

  • Going Braless - I no longer have to wear a bra at home because my sons are gone. Now that is a PERK, in more ways than one!
  • Candy - I do not need to hide my candy stash in the back of my underwear drawer or the vegetable bin.
  • Fewer Dirty dishes - We run the dishwasher once a week instead of every night!!
  • Less Cooking - Related to the previous perk. I don't do big meals any more, other than holidays when they come home.
  • Less Milk - When my boys were here I could not keep enough milk in the fridge. Now we buy the smallest carton and even that gets old before we use it up!
  • Eating Out - Since it is just the two of us we eat out all the time! Love it!
  • Ears Are Safe- Turning on the CD player or the TV no longer breaks my eardrums, and scares me to death!
  • Noise - I no longer hear strange cooking noises in my kitchen in the middle of the night.
  • Smells - Also no more weird aromas from Rocker Son's midnight cooking experiments and the extra bathroom always smells wonderful!
  • Laundry - No more small loads of laundry being done for two shirts by sons late at night.
  • House Clean - When I get home the house looks exactly like I left it in the morning.
  • When they do come to visit, we actually sit and look each other in the eye while we talk! Love it!
I will admit that the first few times we came home from work to an empty and quiet house it made me sad. I remember standing in the living room looking at the couch cushions that were in the same spot I had left them and thinking that it was too quiet and empty feeling. Hubs came up behind me and said something about how great it was to come home to a clean house. I just nodded yes.

And I do have a silly habit of making sure the front door is unlocked when we are home even though we always come in through the garage door. Hubs asked why I do that and I told him that I hated the idea of either Writer Son or Rocker Son coming by and needing to knock or use their key.

Guess I ought to leave it locked so I have more time to run back and put some more clothes on and hide my candy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ah, The Sound Of Jackhammers in the Morning.....

It's a gorgeous Saturday, about 8:40 in the morning and my wake-up call ten minutes ago brought back memories of a sound I never thought I would ever hear again so close to my house and so very early on a Saturday morning!

The horrendous sound is still vibrating though my house as I sit here in the living room with my coffee and wishing I lived way out in the country or the beachside or the desert. The sound is JACKHAMMERS pounding into cement! Yah, nice way to wake up isn't it?

Remember the post I did recently about the noisy neighbor kids screaming in their swimming pool? Well, the weather lady on the news last night said that we will be entering the triple digits in the next few days, but I guess my next door people did not see that report because they are removing their pool!

How do you remove a "cement pond"? You tear it up into small pieces, haul those pieces away and fill in the huge hole with dirt. That fill-in dirt is what I am looking at outside my living room window right now. It is in 2 large dump trucks, all ready to go into the neighbors yard. But first..........

they have to JACKHAMMER the thing to tiny movable pieces! O man, that sound!!

Who would have thought I would be enduring such a crazy sound so very close to my bed, more than once? How many people are lucky enough to be awakened by men destroying cement, which by the way, was designed to last forever and stay exactly where it was put....forever!

My flashback is taking me back to the days when we lived in a tiny house (parsonage, for those who know what that is) right next to the tiny church we were pastoring. The backyard fence was simply large sections of chicken wire and wobbly wood posts. On the other side of the fence was a large cement company and up against the rickety fence was the spot where the cement trucks were cleaned out.

What could be so bad about the place where they washed their trucks, you ask? I will answer with another question? Have you ever wondered what would happen if a cement truck got delayed or the turning cement barrel stopped turning on the back of the truck? Yah....the cement hardens inside the truck. How in the world do you get hardened cement out of a cement truck?...........

Some poor guy has to go inside the huge barrel of the truck and JACKHAMMER it out........early in the morning!! Right next to my bedroom window! Good times.

So here I am, 15 years later, listening to my dishes vibrate in the cupboard. Actually my dishes are just sitting there peacefully, just sounded more dramatic that way.

It really is sad actually. I have wanted a swimming pool my whole life. I am not sure why my neighbors are removing theirs. I know that a built-in swimming pool is a lot of work and it may have been damaged or not cared for in the past. My neighbors are new here so I have no idea how the pool looked when they arrived, but they have been using it as I complained about in a previous post. Now I feel sad for the kids and the hot, hot days ahead here in the Sacramento area of California.

But 8 0'clock in the morning?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Especially a SUPER Walmart!

Saw this on Facebook and laughed a lot....
which is what Hubs thought Lol stood for.
Maybe he meant "Laughed 0' Lot"?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Time

Melancholy has nothing to do with fruit or furry's a very weird place to be.
Still adjusting to big changes in my life and realize that it is best not to make big decisions
or verbal declarations at this time.

One thing I know...
God is good!

That is an OK declaration......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pretty Please?

C'mon....can I get at least one comment on the Fifty-Fiver post here? I know it's long but I worked hard on it and need some opinions before submitting it to some women's magazines. Thanks Gang!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Was It Too Long To Read?

I don't usually read the long ones either.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The 55'ers Hit Facebook!

(Brace yourselves, it's a long one which is unusual for me. I am working on my writing skills, indulge me? Thanx)

It began with a leisurely glance through my Mom’s photo albums. My husband and I were spending a few days with my parents in Washington several months ago. I can’t remember exactly why I was looking at fifty-year-old pictures of my childhood, I had seen them thousands of times and pretty much knew them by heart. There I was, five years old with long brown ringlets and a red headband, standing in a row with four other cousins all dressed alike. Four girls and a boy. The three girls and I are in crisp blue plaid dresses with a thin red rickrack trim. The lone boy has a shirt to match (I can’t tell if his has rick-rack, I hope not!).

We were the only members of a privileged group in our family. All five cousins, being born in 1955, we were dubbed “The 55’ers”. Our five families had organized an end of summer gathering to celebrate the fact that the five of us were all getting ready to enter Kindergarten! The moms had sewn our matching outfits and taken many photos of us that weekend at our first family camp-out. We even had a special cake and gifts, which probably made up for the super scratchy petticoats we had to wear with those dresses to make them “stand-out”!

I wonder who first thought of and suggested the idea of making the gathering an annual event? It was not a terribly complicated plan. (At least from a child’s point of view!) One of our Uncles owned some property behind his house that had a creek running all the way around it in the winter months, so we called it “The Island”. By the end of summer, one side of the creek was dry enough to drive through and that is exactly what our cars did the last weekend of every summer for many years.

I can still remember the crunch of our car tires, summer after summer, rolling over the dry rocky creek bed as we finally made it to our island campout! The loaded car would rise up out of the deep creek bed and onto the clearing that held large and small canvas tents circling a cement fire pit. (In later years the tents became trailers, all parked in a circle like an old fashioned wagon train.) There would already be several folding camp chairs around the fire pit and a collection of straightened wire hangers ready for roasting marshmallows after dark.

The very best thing about our island was the freezing cold creek that was full and deep on the opposite side of the island due to a damn somewhere along the way. Keep in mind that this property was smaller than a city block, so every bit of it could be seen at one glance. When we were old enough we could not wait to go to the dock. The dock over the creek had a wonderful rope swing that was our goal as soon after breakfast as we could talk our parents into it.

That day at my parents house, as I looked at the “Fifty-Fivers Go to Kindergarten” snapshot I suddenly realized that this year in 2010 we would be turning fifty-five years old! This just seemed so momentous and important….born in 1955 and about to turn fifty-five! I wondered what they were all doing in their lives at this point.

Sadly, we lost one cousin in our twelfth year to an accident, and I only had sporadic contact with one other cousin and even that contact was just what our mother’s told us about each other. You know; an email from my mom may include the news that my cousin had her first grandbaby or was in the hospital. The four of us that remain have not spoken much over the years, other than weddings and funerals which all ended up with us saying we really ought to keep in contact more!

I put the thoughts aside as easily as I put mom’s photo album aside that day. But later, while on the long ten-hour drive home I began to wonder about the 55’er Club turning fifty-five! We had acquired or made up the special “55’er Club” status when we were old enough to sleep in our very own tent, except for our poor boy cousin. Yes, you would be correct to assume we had the expected signs taped on the outside of our tent, stating “NO BOYS ALLOWED!” and “55’er Club ONLY!”.

You may be wondering where Facebook comes into this story. When I got home from the visit to my parents, I wrote a comment to the one cousin that I knew was on Facebook. I asked her what her favorite memories were from our camp-out days. I was shocked at the quick and enthusiastic response I got from her! I then posted some photos, including the one that had sparked the memories in me.

She immediately wrote that we must have a 55’er Club Reunion in 2010 to celebrate turning fifty-five years. My first response was that all I wanted was some FB connecting, not an awkward gathering of people we don’t even know anymore! We were basically strangers now with completely different and separate lives, why get together in some neutral place and do small talk for a few hours?

She did not write me back that day, but she obviously did some good detective work because the next day when I opened my Facebook, there was a new “Friend Request” from one of the “missing” cousins. We became “Friends” and she left several comments on the old pictures I had posted. The three of us had a great time, sharing pictures and memories. Each photo would bring up more memories and more questions……..

“Remember the time we scared ourselves to death with spooky stories in the tent?”

“What was that girl’s name who came to camp-out with you that one time?”

“Remember the great treasure hunts we used to make up for the littler ones?”

“My favorite thing was the inner tube ‘skiing’ we used to do while hanging onto the rope swing!”

‘My favorite was your mom’s cinnamon roles and Uncle Joe’s pancakes!”

Then cousin number four was talked into getting on Facebook by his daughter who had seen the 55’ers chatting it up and having a fun time getting to know one another again. I always think of him as “Poor BoyCousin”, because being the only boy in our club he was understandably tormented by us girls. But I don’t think he really minded the dozens of group photos he had to endure with us, as we got older though! Boys are boys, cousins or not!

So, now all four of us awere FB “Friends” and we were sharing pictures back and forth as quickly as we could over the next few weeks. I was reminded of my fear of going under the dock where the crawdads live, and the time we did some kind of paper-mach’e project and made a horrible mess all over one of the tents. I asked my cousins if there really was a loose bull out by the outhouse or was that my imagination. We all agreed that it is sad that as we entered our teen years and did not appreciate the gathering, it began to fall apart and was dis-continued.

It’s not as if we were the only kids there each year. We had older and younger siblings that probably resented our importance. But I don’t remember thinking that we were the main reason this wonderful family gathering happened every summer. It just did. Didn’t all families have a camp-out on their own island the weekend before starting school?

What a rich and deep family tradition this was! I have stories that can only be truly understood and enjoyed by these other three cousins of mine. And now that we have been comparing notes, memories and photos on Facebook, we are no longer awkward strangers. I know what their children and grandbabies look like. I know who has been sick, who still adores animals and who is still so busy she makes me dizzy! I know how many marriages and businesses have happened, whose grey hairs are being covered or allowed to shine.

We are revealing to one another what we coveted about each other in those painful growing up years together..........

“You always had the best hair.”

“I was so jealous of your doll!”

“Your curves made me mad.”

“Which family brought a trailer instead of a tent the first time?”

“I wanted a little brother like yours.”

I feel as if we have already had our Fifty-Fiver Reunion right on Facebook. We have continued to share our day’s activities and fun photos with one another. We have sent funny stories and comics to each other. We have congratulated each other on our wonderful and amazing children and grandchildren.

My only regret is that my kids have not enjoyed the same tradition of my childhood. There is just something special about gathering in the same place with the same people at the same time each year. Traditions are formed that may not even be intentional or planned…like the sound of Uncle Joe banging pots around in the early mornings out there on the “island” as he prepared the special camp-out pancakes. What was it he yelled when they were ready? Come on Cousins, remind me OK?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back In The Saddle...Sort of

I have been back to work this week after taking two weeks off to relax and process the huge staff changes at our place of ministry and work. In the past I never have wanted to take our two weeks at the same time because I LOVE being in the office surrounded by so much life and laughter. But this time it was very easy to stay home and I really did not and still do not want to go back!

I have loved the time to be alone and quiet and really think and meditate on the goodness of God, even when it has been difficult to see the good part of all that is happening around us. My God is still good. He is as close as my breath and that fact has kept me sane.

All this time to be still has re-birthed a desire to be creative. When I was so office-administration-duties swamped, my mind and heart had no room for creativity. I would arrive home after a day with people and all I wanted to do was sit and read or watch TV. Now I am full to overflowing with blog ideas and searching the internet for more online writing jobs. It feels good and right.

So we are back at the office getting ready to help with our church's new ministry school in the Fall. There is no guarantee of a salary until we see what the enrollment numbers are. That part is so not fun! So I am pushing, pushing for student applications on FaceBook every day and trying not to feel creepy for extolling the wonders of a school that has not even begun yet! I have nothing against promotion and advertising, but I want to be honest and real and not full of hype. It is a pretty tricky job!

Something very deep and solid in me says that God is smiling at us during this process because He knows that there is a wonderful surprise just around the corner. We really believe that. Every other time in my life when I was feeling lost regarding a big change, it always turned out to be a very clear upgrade for us. Sometimes it is healthy to look to your history for reminders of what God will do in your future! He has never let me down.

Besides now is the time for us to be excited and planning for this this next big event on our family........
This little cutie-pie is joining our family on 10-10-10! My first daughter at last! Writer Son has chosen so well and he will be marrying Miss M in Texas in just a few months! That is where my thoughts and emotions should be. We are saving up for the event and looking forward so much to seeing them happily married! God is good!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morning Chuckle......

That's all I got!
Your'e welcome.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Are They Kidding?

I saw the funniest commercial today! It was for Father's Day gifts. But the creators of the commercial have no idea how funny it is. If they knew my Hubs.....and most men actually, they would see that their new sales gimmick is all wrong, ridiculously wrong!

The commercial is trying to tell us that Fathers would push aside all other gifts if we sent them.......ready? edible fruit arrangement. Really? As soon as I saw the commercial I pictured the kind of edible arrangement Hubs would really like, and it's not fruit. I am picturing big slabs of steak dipped in BBQ sauce. Or sausages dipped in gravy. I'm sure there are some men out there who love to eat healthy and I wish my Hubs did, but he somehow manages to stay slim and trim as could be while eating everything he is not supposed to eat!! Infuriating it is!!

So, just before I sat down to write this I asked him what he thought of that commercial. Guess what he said, with no additional info from me? "Yah if the arrangement was meat and BBQ sauce!" Ha! I do know my man!

Awards are aways fun and inspiring, but this one sent to me by adorable Shawna who writes an equally sweet blog about her three daughters called, MY GIRLS, is especially rewarding to me today. She was having a really tough day, but even in the middle of feeling bad about herself she made the choice to write about how great each of her children were and how much she missed her hubby who was away for the day. That really impresses me and shows great strength and the requirements for a wonderful mother. Thank you Shawna, those little cuties will see how amazing you are one day! I will pass this on to someone another day, for today I want to honor just you!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Saturday In June...

Yesterday evening, around 6 or 7, Hubs and I got on the motorcycle for a quick ride in the cool of the evening after a hot day. It’s always fun to get out there after being inside for hours.

First we travel slowly through town and neighborhoods heading out to the countryside. I love watching how different people react to a motorcycle passing by. The little boys ALWAYS stop what they are doing and just stand and stare as we glide by. Old men in garages often raise an arm in greeting. I have wondered why? What are they saying? “Right on, go for it!” Or “Wish I was out there!”? It is probably a combination of both.

Then as we leave the town and concrete behind we enter the surrounding orchards. The air is immediately cooler and moist. During the blossoming season the aroma is intoxicating! I always feel comforted by the orderly rows of almond trees accompanied by the sound of the constant sprinklers.

Ahead of us we see acres and acres of flatlands; fields of tomatoes, strawberries, corn and the surprise of sunflowers as far as the eye can see! It is so amazing how quickly these fields change and rotate what they are producing each season. The only thing I dislike about this part of the ride are the beehives set up along side many of the roads. Bees are really the only thing scary to me on a motorcycle anymore!

Yesterday in the middle of one of these flat fields we saw an unusual sight. A snowy white awning with scalloped edges was set up right in the middle of someone’s crop! Our first hint about its purpose was the crop..…Lavender! Then a little sign that read, “Wedding”. A beautiful spot for a wedding; the center of a huge lavender field! There were no people around so we assumed it was for another day or earlier that morning.

After a few more turns on our bike, we came upon the party! Down the very center of a tree-lined driveway was an extra long table draped in white with about 100 people seated enjoying a dinner catered by the Buckhorn. (The Buckhorn Catering van was in the background) It was about 6:30pm and the evening light was soft as the sun was going down, so pretty!

On our weekend rides we often see fun stuff. We’ve seen peacocks, turkeys, llamas, always deer and bunnies. You never know what you will find. Yesterday we found a beautiful and romantic wedding!

On a Saturday in June

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Books Have Pages!

I am a techie. I don't go anywhere without my Blackberry and usually my MacBook is along for the ride too. My nifty digital camera and my camcorder are recording way more of my life than anyone cares to see. These are the gifts Hubs has presented to me over the last few years once he caught on that I really love the challenge of figuring these gadgets out even if it keeps me up till the wee hours of the morning.

I am also a reader. So, since my leisure time is most often taken up by either these fun technologies or reading, it may seem that a Kindle or iPad or other online book gadget would make perfect sense for me right?


The picture you see here is a magazine ad, it's not my hands. My nails never look that nice! When I turned the page in the magazine and saw this full page photo it made me wince. It's just wrong to me! And even though the ad is trying to sell me on the idea of getting thousands of books on one handy gadget, it actually turned me even more against the concept. To hold that thing up to a wonderful bookshelf of gorgeous leather bound and cloth bound books was a big mistake for this consumer! Yuck!

I am one of those readers who totally engages ALL the senses when reading a great story. (Well maybe I don't use ALL my senses, I haven't tasted them yet!) I love to buy and borrow old books from our library. I inhale deeply while opening the treasures I find in old dusty bookshops while on vacation. A few weeks ago I bought some old books just for the great colors of the covers and then felt really sad when I discovered that the pages were still uncut between them, meaning they had never been read! I am reading them.

Sometimes I find little surprises in the used books I buy. I have seen theater tickets, shopping lists and even an old photo tucked into antique books. I rub my hands over the spines of well worn books and imagine who else might have touched them decades ago. It's fun to see little underlining spots where the reader loved a certain passage or wondered about it.

I mean.....look at that picture above. Is it right and proper to read a classic like Alice In Wonderland on that piece of plastic? It's just backwards and upside down and topsy-turvey and inside-out......well, maybe it WOULD work for that particular story.

Why is this post HIGHLIGHTING the words spell-check dislikes??

Friday, June 11, 2010

Not Good!!!

Oh man oh man......
today I caught myself resting
my coffee cup
on my belly...

and I was sitting up!!

If I were lying down
that would be fine.


Clearly it is time for...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Screaming!

My sweetly peaceful sanctuary in my backyard has been desecrated. Today I was so pleased with my early morning accomplishments mentioned at the end of yesterday's post, that I grabbed a magazine and got comfortable on my swing with a visor to cover my face, letting the rest of me soak up the sun. (I know, it's bad....but I really love a bit of color!)

 My time in my yard is usually wonderful. I can hear the birds chatting it up. My ornery cat tries to act all sweet for a few minutes because I am on his turf. The trees and roses look great this time of year and the jasmine is nearly intoxicating!

But today I got a quick reminder that school is out folks! Our new next door neighbors have lots of kids and a swimming pool. Now here is my question....Why do kids ALWAYS ALWAYS  yell and scream so much when they are in a swimming pool? What is it about being in a rectangle full of water that demands such ear-piercing screeches? It is a unique kind of yelling that I don't hear when they are skateboarding out front or chasing the dog around the cul-de-sac....(Spellcheck can't figure out what I am trying to say here, I'm sure you can sound it out though.).

I packed up myself and came back into the house, asking Hubs the same question. Why do kids scream like that in the pool? Is it that the water is magnifying their normal voices? Are they freaking out because they are scared? Am I just jealous because I have wanted a swimming pool for 50 years? What is it? Why do they scream so much Hubs?

His answer.....Well honey, why do you yell when we..............?
Me....Oh, they can't help it?
Which brings me to a small dilemma. Those words above were not racy or bad, but once again it makes me happy that my sons, co-workers, family do not read this blog of mine. BUT, I do have a wonderful young friend, Sandra you know who you are, who I gave the address to because she lived far away and was not part of my daily life. I would not need to see her face after writing something like the above. I was her teacher and that makes our relationship different.

Well, now Sandra is my friend, not student, and she has moved to my town and (this caused a crazy happy dance today!) I just found out today that she will be my intern at our new school which begins in September! We will be together every day! I am thrilled about that, but it puts me in a pickle regarding this safe place for my thoughts. What do we do about this, Sandy? I totally trust you, you are not one of those girls who is constantly yakking to others, that's not an issue at all. But will I be too aware of your eyes while I write? I think we need to talk OK? Love you Sweetie!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big $$ Not So Much!

Remember back here when I told you about my wonderful new writing job? The thought of being paid $10 for each article I sent in to a certain website was intoxicating! I figured I could pump out 2 articles of 500 words each in an hour if I concentrated & they did not require much research. In my head that meant I would be making at least $20 an hour doing something I love! All win.....right?

Well, it's been over a month & I have an extra $120 in my account. At this rate it would actually work out to about .......NOT $20 an hour!! I did not work out the fact that coming up with unending ideas about a single subject is not so easy. I have written twelve good articles for the site & the owner is happy with them but I really need to write more. ( Just now Hubs asked if I was writing an article or blogging. I told him I was blogging about writing articles. His answer? "Too bad you can't get paid for that!" )

I have seen that there are other sites that want writers & to get contracts with them at least I would have other subjects that need my strung together words. But none offer that much for each article.

Tomorrow I will make up stuff about baby gifts, themes for baby showers, ideas for wedding gifts etc. It really is so satisfying to hit the SEND button when I have worked on one of these assignments. I also totally enjoy the process itself, once I sit down to do it anyway! I love making a lovely sentence or rearranging an entire paragraph to flow more smoothly. It is fun & fulfilling.

But I am slow to do it. I open my sweet Mac & check my blog, then check my three Facebook accounts. (One is mine, two others are work related.) By then I have wasted time & creative energy on all the wrong stuff & it's time to close the Mac.

I have no idea what my point is Dear Readers, just venting I guess, I hope you don't mind. Tomorrow is a new day & hopefully I will write up a storm, while at the same time, clean my house & do the laundry that is sitting in a pile not doing itself!

Thanks for listening!

Added next Day: Woohoo! It is Noon O'clock and I have swept my entirely hardwood floored home, folded a bit of laundry, done some stretching exercises AND...... sent in two newly written articles!! Yay Me!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feels Good to be Bad....

We are riding our Roadstar motorcycle up to the lake
for a swim today....
(instead of going to church!!!)

With my upbringing this is 
pretty close to blasphemous! 

I all started with
allowing myself to have a glass of wine once in a while,
then came the tattoo,
now skipping church!!!

Thanks God,
I love you today more than ever!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Come On In.....

Hubs & I spent the last 3 days in the beautiful Carmel, here in California,
relaxing on the beach,
overeating at amazing restaurants,
exploring the curvy roads of the gorgeous residential areas
and hoarding all the yummy croissants 
at the B&B Breakfast Counter!

What is it about staring at the ocean?
The biggness, the vastness,
 the beauty that needs no man made assistance?

It is so calming & invigorating at the same time.
It felt so good to be away from it all,
to know that the "stuff" still exists
but you don't need to talk or think about it for a few hours.

This wonderful door was just an ordinary yard entrance
for Carmel-ites.
But for me it spoke to me about
choosing to enter the door of peace, 
rest & trust.

That is where I want to live.