Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ME Day!

Thank you again everyone for getting me up to 200 Followers for my birthday this last Sunday! I appreciate and love to visit each and everyone of you. I have some fun pics of my 56th birthday of Feb 13th. I did what wise women have been doing for centuries; I set it up myself!

Sassy Bride (Left) and Girlfriend are so cute, I love them both so much!
When Hubs asked what I'd like to do for my special day, I told him I love going out to eat with both my sons and their ladies but we end up paying for it and they all go home once the meal is done. As we talked I got the best idea ever. I asked them all to come to our house and cook me a birthday dinner! My new DIL and Rocker Son's girlfriend both love to cook and they jumped on the plan with great enthusiasm. That made me feel good!

They worked together really well and enjoyed putting my Birthday meal together.

I am yakking away as usual. Rocker Son's Girlfriend (left) Writer Son (right).

Action shot!

I love, love, love having them all here together!

Amazing Dark Choc cake with choc cream cheese frosting.
Made from SCRATCH by Sassy Bride!


  1. Now aren't you the wise woman. I'll bet those girls had a blast cooking for you. As for that cake...Divine! Happy Belated Birthday.

  2. That dessert alone would have been worth it for me. Yummmy.... So glad you had a lovely day.

  3. You are so lucky to have them all so close by. I hope to have that someday too.
    The cake looks really yummy!!

  4. Yes, I am grateful to have them all close by for now. That's why I have been getting more intentional about getting them here to my house on a regular basis.

  5. Happy belated birthday and congrats on reaching 200!

  6. Happy birthday, I'm glad that you had such a special time!

    Hugs & love,

  7. WOW! Now that was a party worth recalling.

    Looks like everybody had a grand time.

    Well planned, Brenda Susan!

  8. That must've been one of the greatest birthday presents ever!! Hope you had a lovely time!

    The idea of them cooking for you is genius. I will have to steal the idea now. =)

  9. Looks like a fun evening! I love the way your framed your pictures. It just looks great!

  10. Happy birthday! I can't believe I missed it. I'm proud of you for planning the party that would bring you the most joy. Good for you, girl! I love Girlfriend's pink hair, by the way. She looks like so much fun. :)


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