Monday, February 28, 2011

Anne Hathaway Totally Carried James Franco...

The other day I wrote to you about watching movies with a house full of males HERE. Tonight I had the silly, giggly, snarky, wine soaked pleasure of watching the OCARS with a house full of women friends!! Oh man, what a difference! SO. MUCH. FUN!

In previous years I was lucky to sneak a peak at the awards shows during the commercials from whatever my guys were watching. And you can be sure they did not join me in my approval or disapproval of the Red Carpet judgement of gowns and tuxes!

This weekend I am at the Lake House that I wrote about this summer HERE and HERE with a bunch of good women friends. We are eating, laughing, talking, crying and encouraging one another, all with the help of a few bottles of nice wine. (And I had my first second ever margarita tonight! Freedom tastes pretty nice!) 

Watching an awards show with girlfriends is the best! We discussed what we loved or hated about each gown and every speech. I loved the opening to this show tonight, inserting the Hosts in all the top movies was amazing and so well done! We were all laughing so hard!

My FAVORITE DRESS was worn by a young little cutie pie named Hailee Stienfeld pictured above. ADORABLE! She immediately made me think of early Audrey Hepburn! So sweet and age appropriate, don't you agree? She was in True Grit which I must go see now.

My favorite movie this year won.....The King's Speech!! YAY! Oh, and it was so fun to yell and clap along with the audience too! 

I am thinking this may need to become a tradition.


  1. Hey! Sounds like SO much fun! Is it time to update the margarita count yet?

    When you return to earth, come visit me for a fab 'round the world' adventure!!

  2. True Grit was awesome! Hailee looks beautiful...

  3. I have yet to experience the fun of watching an award show with friends but it sounds wonderful! I was not able to see the awards and had to read about the results sad is that?

  4. I don't think any of my friends would do that with me. They're too sophisticated. LOL. Most of them don't care except the ones married to or in the business. Anyway, my favorite dress was the Cate Blanchett number (Givenchy?) and then the Nathalie Portman number. How beautiful she looked.

    Did you see Sharon Stone? She's gotta be 54 or 55 and she was really workin' it. She looked great.

  5. CA Girl, yes, those women are amazing, and Helen Miren? Wow!

  6. I never watch any of the awards shows but I enjoy watching just about anything better with a group of women friends. LOL


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