Saturday, February 5, 2011


I got a little snippy with the family last night. Writer Son called to ask if he and Sassy Bride could come over to hang out with us that evening and use my laptop to write his resume'. Of course I immediately said yes because I love having them here even if it means that once they get their own washer/dryer and computer they will stop coming.  (Yes, a bit of bitterness is leaking out right there huh?)

Hubs and I were planning on some snacky type dinner because I don't cook much. But the kids showed up well before dinner time so Hubs ended up going out for some food. He and Writer Son had a good visit in the car and Sassy Bride and I chatted about work and how much she misses home.

After dinner she asked if she could use my Mac to watch her good friend back home who was live-streaming her wedding back in Texas. It was cool to see the wedding and especially to watch my sweet DIL get all emotional and giggly as she "chatted" with other long distance friends who were all watching the wedding online. 

But, and here is where I got bugged, then WS used my laptop to browse around while he should have been writing the resume, SB got on her iphone to text her Texas friends and Hubs had Pandora on the TV and his computer on his lap......

Do you see what is wrong with that picture? Our family room looked almost like the picture above. They were all lined up on our huge couch and I am sitting across from them after cleaning up the dinner stuff just staring at them. 

They did not notice that I was silently staring at them.

I said to Hubs, "Can you at least turn the TV on? I got nuthin' here!" (My grammar skills went bye-bye.)

They all looked up and stared falling all over themselves apologizing and I felt like an idiot. Writer Son offers to let me have my laptop back, but he is the one who really had something important to do, so I told him he needed to write his resume'. SB feels bad and says she's sorry. Hubs tosses me the remote. 

Writer Son then says that it's getting too late to write the resume and he can't think clearly, SB apologizes for hogging the laptop to watch her friend's wedding and Hubs is lost on his laptop. 

Fun family night. Maybe if Rocker Son and his tattoo artist girlfriend were there it would have lightened the mood. We need the humor and goofiness that they bring. Without them we had a homesick bride, a jobless new husband and an old husband whose job is just not a good fit anymore. And then there is me, the MIL who felt bad that she had no food in the house at a moments notice, and still bummed about the writing rejection letter she got that morning.

Fun night.


  1. I'm sorry your night wasn't what you had hoped it would be....Does it help to know that you made me feel better about stuff at my house? We've had a lot of snow lately. Other than playing in the snow or shoveling the snow, there's not a whole lot to do. The other night I wanted to have quality family time. No such thing with people who have cabin fever and the winter blahs. Husband was constantly talking to people on his cell phone & daughter had her face glued to her cell phone texting everyone in the free world. After awhile, I gave up and went to browse BlogLand. It's nice to know that I'm not by myself in all of this neglect. :-)

  2. At least they came to visit. Wait until they have kids, and the kids are in multiple activities, ......many nights with Hubby watching TV and I am blog surfing!
    It is just a new season of life and I try to enjoy every moment! Gosh..I just thought about our ancestors..No TV, phones, computers!!! YIKES!

  3. Hey girl, it happens. We can't be in the best of moods all the time now can we?

  4. So sorry. I just had a morning with similiar stresses with 18 year old son.

    It must be hard for him to deasl with me, since I am the biggest imbecile on the planet!

    At what age do you stop wanting to strangle them half the time & hug them to death the other half?

    Hugs & love,

  5. Oh, dear. A delightful evening that didn't turn out so delightfully for you. Sigh! Sorry.

    Reminds me of a cartoon of a young couple out for a date. They were sitting at a table, across from one another. Instead of talking, they were texting each other. Is conversation truly becoming a lost art?

  6. They should have offered you a glass of wine or something first at the very least. Kids.

  7. Gotta Love them, but sometimes we all have "Those" days!

  8. So normal girl! I can totally imagine this in my household too. The girls don´t have husband´s yet, but when they do come over it´s because they "need" to use something of our stuff. Don´t worry, I´m sure you´ll have other better family nights.

  9. Oh this does sound like a family night:) We all have them in different stages of life?

  10. Awww, you poor sweetie. :(

    Isn't it awesome that you have a place to write down your feelings exactly as they are without having to "edit" them? Just think about wives and mothers 50 years ago with such a dilemma. All they'd have is possibly a journal. You get uplifting, encouraging comments from people who have been there and love you dearly. What a blessing the Internet can be! Just not when you're the only one in the room NOT using it. :)


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