Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.....Writing Wednesday!

It's ironic that my Wordless Wednesday is also my Writing Wednesday, isn't it? I am extremely tempted to camp out here a bit and talk at you, but I will be strong and just post this recent pic and then do some serious writing.
Our weather has switched back and forth from warm days to rainy cold days.
I am so ready for some solid Spring days like this one last week!


  1. I bet you feel like you're flying when your riding on that thing.

    Have a great day of writing.

    Hugs & love,

  2. Nice picture. And I love the new blog look. :-)

  3. Thanx Mimi and Barb - I love riding with Hubs! Looking forward to a weekend away pretty soon, on the bike!!

  4. Cool pic!!

    Have fun with your writing!!

  5. Great picture of you. Good looking bike and BABE. Do you go to those bike rallies? Or do you just travel alone, the two of you?
    Love and peace

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  7. P.S. Somehow my comment got clicked twice. That is a cute header. Fly girl!!!

  8. Hi Manzanita, we haven't gone to rallies yet. Hubs talks about it sometimes though. Thanx for the compliments!


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