Friday, February 25, 2011

Enough With the Action Movies!!

I will now publicly admit that this movie is my all-time favorite. THE PHILADELPHIA  STORY has been my most loved and enjoyed movie for many years but in my house this was not discussed very often. I adore Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and who doesn't love Jimmy Stewart? This crazy fun movie has ALL THREE!!

I love Katherine Hepburn's rapid fire sassy talk to the men who are chasing her or trying to get away from her. Another reason this flick grabs my attention over and over again are the amazing clothes! I love her dresses and pants and swim suits so much!

Here is why I am feeling all bold and careless to publicly announce this movie as a favorite....I am and have been the only girl in this house for 33 years. I am an expert on the Star Wars Series, the Star Trek Series and Superman and The Justice League. 

I know the lines, the jokes and even tiny details like directors and costume changes. My sons and husband have saturated our home and garage with posters, toys, videos and dvds of these guys. As a matter of fact, my married son, Writer Son has a three foot tall plastic Batman in our garage that creeps me out every time I flip the light on out there!

If I ever wanted to get the TV to myself, all I had to do was pop The Philadelphia Story into the player and the family room was instantly cleared out. They dislike the exact same things I love about the movie. They find Katherine's voice and attitude annoying. And they do not "get" the cultural,  high-society snobbish humor of the story at all.

But I LOVE IT ALL! And believe you me, I'm gonna watch it again any day now! that is just one of the lovely perks of an empty nest! Now if I can just get Hubs to go for a long motorcycle ride......

Isn't she wonderful


  1. A movie with strong characterizations and a solid plot line, with no exploding cars?

    What a novel concept!

  2. Miss Sadie- Or cat chases in your case!

  3. Good grief! This blog is going to the dogs! Er, um, dog, at least.

  4. I acually think the actresses of today could take a few lessons on true glamour from women from Miss Hepburns era.

  5. I just watched it the other day. For the 257th time. Love it! Thank God for the Turner Classic Movie channel! LOL

  6. Oh come on. You don't have any problem getting him to take a long bike ride. The prob is that you always want to go with him! Isn't that always a dilemma? Trying to figure out which fun thing you want to do more. :)

  7. Very true Shawna! You know me too well!


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