Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This moment is so perfectly wonderful that I have to capture it. It will come in handy for the next time I need a ‘Happy Place’ to run to. I wonder if I can bring you here with me? I will give it a go, as my English friend would say.

I am sitting on the deck of a fabulous lake house. My picture of the words ‘lake-house’ has changed dramatically since yesterday morning when I woke up and began the hour and a half drive here. ‘Cabin’ was more fitting to what I imagined this would be. I. Was. Very. Wrong! Ha!

I am staying three days in the second home of a friend of a friend. It is a two-level grand house that includes two knights in full armor that are a bit surprising when you turn the corner and see them out of the corner of your eye. There is a clear Lucite grand piano with beautiful brass workings inside. Do those two examples give you an idea of the extravagance of this “Lake House”?

But the very best part is that each home here has it’s own private dock and it is about twenty steps from the glass back doors to the water! I am a real water rat. The phrase that comes to mind this morning is that I am free to “swim on whim” at any moment I choose!! This to me is true luxury.

Back to this exact moment….On the deck that is spread across the length of the home, are some of my closest friends. There are two more who are not here, but they need to be with us to make it TOTALLY perfect.

Three women are sitting here reading or sunbathing, two others are in the water talking as they swim and hold onto swim-noodles. This morning we made quite a comical scene as we maneuvered two water-bikes down a steep hill from the garage to the waters edge! I have never ridden a bike on the water but it was so fun! I thought it was going to be paddleboats but they are basically a bike between two brightly colored pontoons.

Okay, just now the sun was bothering us so we wondered if moving down to the grassy area would be cooler. My friend says, and I’m not making this up……..”Yes, let’s give it a go.” Ha! So of course I read the first paragraph to her and we cracked up!

The first night I was given a rule: No un-authorized photos can be published. We looked at some of the pictures last night and a few needed to be immediately deleted. Keep in mind this is supposed to be a relaxing escape for a bunch of fifty-somethings!

Actually the original intent and agenda for the girl’s getaway was to have a Silent Retreat. We were not going to speak at all during the day and then share our hearts during dinner. ……………..Nope, not happening. The sharing is definitely happening. I feel full and encouraged and lifted up by spending time with my friends. I even received a little one sentence scolding last night when I said something about my weight and was told to “Stop talking about my friend like that!”

So the sharing part is working but the silent part…, not so much! In fact no one is even mentioning it! THIS time.

I guess we will just have to try again in the fall! Yep, I think we may need to give it a go!


  1. I know what you mean by a friend of a friends lake house. Hope you have a good time.

  2. What a beautiful place ~ enjoy your retreat!

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  4. so lucky to have this time. I wish i was at the lake house. rose


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