Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Screaming!

My sweetly peaceful sanctuary in my backyard has been desecrated. Today I was so pleased with my early morning accomplishments mentioned at the end of yesterday's post, that I grabbed a magazine and got comfortable on my swing with a visor to cover my face, letting the rest of me soak up the sun. (I know, it's bad....but I really love a bit of color!)

 My time in my yard is usually wonderful. I can hear the birds chatting it up. My ornery cat tries to act all sweet for a few minutes because I am on his turf. The trees and roses look great this time of year and the jasmine is nearly intoxicating!

But today I got a quick reminder that school is out folks! Our new next door neighbors have lots of kids and a swimming pool. Now here is my question....Why do kids ALWAYS ALWAYS  yell and scream so much when they are in a swimming pool? What is it about being in a rectangle full of water that demands such ear-piercing screeches? It is a unique kind of yelling that I don't hear when they are skateboarding out front or chasing the dog around the cul-de-sac....(Spellcheck can't figure out what I am trying to say here, I'm sure you can sound it out though.).

I packed up myself and came back into the house, asking Hubs the same question. Why do kids scream like that in the pool? Is it that the water is magnifying their normal voices? Are they freaking out because they are scared? Am I just jealous because I have wanted a swimming pool for 50 years? What is it? Why do they scream so much Hubs?

His answer.....Well honey, why do you yell when we..............?
Me....Oh, they can't help it?
Which brings me to a small dilemma. Those words above were not racy or bad, but once again it makes me happy that my sons, co-workers, family do not read this blog of mine. BUT, I do have a wonderful young friend, Sandra you know who you are, who I gave the address to because she lived far away and was not part of my daily life. I would not need to see her face after writing something like the above. I was her teacher and that makes our relationship different.

Well, now Sandra is my friend, not student, and she has moved to my town and (this caused a crazy happy dance today!) I just found out today that she will be my intern at our new school which begins in September! We will be together every day! I am thrilled about that, but it puts me in a pickle regarding this safe place for my thoughts. What do we do about this, Sandy? I totally trust you, you are not one of those girls who is constantly yakking to others, that's not an issue at all. But will I be too aware of your eyes while I write? I think we need to talk OK? Love you Sweetie!


  1. lol...that's one but my hubby read my blog. I have not and will not give it to anyone I know for fear that I write something about them!

    My parents live next door and they have a pool and I know when all 9 grandchildren are there, they can probably be heard for I apologize for them even though you can't hear them! :)

  2. Thank you for giving me another reason to add to my list of why not to get a pool. With 4 still at home, and 1 moved back in with husband and three kids in tow, as well as the rest of the group.....uh, no!

    And I love the new green!

  3. My kids yell and scream all the time, in all places. Maybe it's the temperature of the pool that makes kids squeal a little louder.

    Watch out for that Sandra. I've heard bad things about her. ;)


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