Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big $$ Not So Much!

Remember back here when I told you about my wonderful new writing job? The thought of being paid $10 for each article I sent in to a certain website was intoxicating! I figured I could pump out 2 articles of 500 words each in an hour if I concentrated & they did not require much research. In my head that meant I would be making at least $20 an hour doing something I love! All win.....right?

Well, it's been over a month & I have an extra $120 in my account. At this rate it would actually work out to about .......NOT $20 an hour!! I did not work out the fact that coming up with unending ideas about a single subject is not so easy. I have written twelve good articles for the site & the owner is happy with them but I really need to write more. ( Just now Hubs asked if I was writing an article or blogging. I told him I was blogging about writing articles. His answer? "Too bad you can't get paid for that!" )

I have seen that there are other sites that want writers & to get contracts with them at least I would have other subjects that need my strung together words. But none offer that much for each article.

Tomorrow I will make up stuff about baby gifts, themes for baby showers, ideas for wedding gifts etc. It really is so satisfying to hit the SEND button when I have worked on one of these assignments. I also totally enjoy the process itself, once I sit down to do it anyway! I love making a lovely sentence or rearranging an entire paragraph to flow more smoothly. It is fun & fulfilling.

But I am slow to do it. I open my sweet Mac & check my blog, then check my three Facebook accounts. (One is mine, two others are work related.) By then I have wasted time & creative energy on all the wrong stuff & it's time to close the Mac.

I have no idea what my point is Dear Readers, just venting I guess, I hope you don't mind. Tomorrow is a new day & hopefully I will write up a storm, while at the same time, clean my house & do the laundry that is sitting in a pile not doing itself!

Thanks for listening!

Added next Day: Woohoo! It is Noon O'clock and I have swept my entirely hardwood floored home, folded a bit of laundry, done some stretching exercises AND...... sent in two newly written articles!! Yay Me!!

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  1. I am completely in agreement about this. Why oh why can't we get paid for blogging? It's so much fun and is so relaxing.

    Read this post I wrote earlier today about the same topic. :)

    And this one just because it's too darn funny.


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