Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feels Good to be Bad....

We are riding our Roadstar motorcycle up to the lake
for a swim today....
(instead of going to church!!!)

With my upbringing this is 
pretty close to blasphemous! 

I all started with
allowing myself to have a glass of wine once in a while,
then came the tattoo,
now skipping church!!!

Thanks God,
I love you today more than ever!


  1. It's a slippery slope, isn't it? ;)

  2. lol...too funny; I skipped church too. :X The little ones didn't let me get any sleep.

  3. Ha!, yes a slippery slope indeed! I am just so happy to have so much freedom, even tho it took many years to figure out that most of the church rules were made by man, not by God.

    I truly believe that God is totally as pleased with me today as He is the ones who went to sit in church & enjoy His presence there. Sounds so sane & so simple...but you'd be surprised...

  4. :) returning your visit! Thanks for the lovely comments! Following now!

    PS - I like the idea of praising him from the back of a motorcycle... even if I'm too chicken.

  5. Yes raised the same way, still trying to go to Church on Sunday's...but easy it is, to stay out....You are right, man made rules

  6. Hey, you have the same kind of God that I do! haha!


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