Monday, June 14, 2010

Are They Kidding?

I saw the funniest commercial today! It was for Father's Day gifts. But the creators of the commercial have no idea how funny it is. If they knew my Hubs.....and most men actually, they would see that their new sales gimmick is all wrong, ridiculously wrong!

The commercial is trying to tell us that Fathers would push aside all other gifts if we sent them.......ready? edible fruit arrangement. Really? As soon as I saw the commercial I pictured the kind of edible arrangement Hubs would really like, and it's not fruit. I am picturing big slabs of steak dipped in BBQ sauce. Or sausages dipped in gravy. I'm sure there are some men out there who love to eat healthy and I wish my Hubs did, but he somehow manages to stay slim and trim as could be while eating everything he is not supposed to eat!! Infuriating it is!!

So, just before I sat down to write this I asked him what he thought of that commercial. Guess what he said, with no additional info from me? "Yah if the arrangement was meat and BBQ sauce!" Ha! I do know my man!

Awards are aways fun and inspiring, but this one sent to me by adorable Shawna who writes an equally sweet blog about her three daughters called, MY GIRLS, is especially rewarding to me today. She was having a really tough day, but even in the middle of feeling bad about herself she made the choice to write about how great each of her children were and how much she missed her hubby who was away for the day. That really impresses me and shows great strength and the requirements for a wonderful mother. Thank you Shawna, those little cuties will see how amazing you are one day! I will pass this on to someone another day, for today I want to honor just you!


  1. You are so sweet! You've sure got me grinning in a goofy sort of way right now. :) [blush, blush]

    You cracked me up with those fruit arrangements! I'm thinking how delicious they look ... if only the silly baseball and racecar weren't there. That is SO designed to appeal to women, to make women buy another silly gift hoping to please men. But the reality is that they're easy to please. Food. Sex. Foot massages. That's about all it takes. And we keep trying to buy stuff they'll like. But the best gifts for men are free! At least for my hubby, they are. :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing. A guy would appreciate it a lot more with some wings...I, on the other hand, would love those fruit ka-bobs.

  3. 2busy - Yah I would totally love all that fruit, especially dipped in chocolate!


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