Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Time

Melancholy has nothing to do with fruit or furry's a very weird place to be.
Still adjusting to big changes in my life and realize that it is best not to make big decisions
or verbal declarations at this time.

One thing I know...
God is good!

That is an OK declaration......


  1. I love that you keep using the word "declarations." It makes me feel happy. It carries a lot of power and decisiveness with it. And although you're not in a declarative place right now, you will one day be again.

    So perhaps now is the time for interrogation...of the soul. If you're not speaking in declaratives, perhaps it's time for interrogatives. Askin' some questions, gettin' some answers. Talking to yourself, asking yourself who, what, when, where, why, and how.

    Am I crazy? Am I up too late? Should I go to bed now because I'm being ridiculous? These questions are for me, not you. :)

    But what questions should you be asking yourself, my friend? It sounds like soul-searching time. And that can be so much fun! Happy hunting!

  2. wow Shawna, your wisdom does not match up with that super young looking photo! Very good food for thought, thank you!


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