Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Saturday In June...

Yesterday evening, around 6 or 7, Hubs and I got on the motorcycle for a quick ride in the cool of the evening after a hot day. It’s always fun to get out there after being inside for hours.

First we travel slowly through town and neighborhoods heading out to the countryside. I love watching how different people react to a motorcycle passing by. The little boys ALWAYS stop what they are doing and just stand and stare as we glide by. Old men in garages often raise an arm in greeting. I have wondered why? What are they saying? “Right on, go for it!” Or “Wish I was out there!”? It is probably a combination of both.

Then as we leave the town and concrete behind we enter the surrounding orchards. The air is immediately cooler and moist. During the blossoming season the aroma is intoxicating! I always feel comforted by the orderly rows of almond trees accompanied by the sound of the constant sprinklers.

Ahead of us we see acres and acres of flatlands; fields of tomatoes, strawberries, corn and the surprise of sunflowers as far as the eye can see! It is so amazing how quickly these fields change and rotate what they are producing each season. The only thing I dislike about this part of the ride are the beehives set up along side many of the roads. Bees are really the only thing scary to me on a motorcycle anymore!

Yesterday in the middle of one of these flat fields we saw an unusual sight. A snowy white awning with scalloped edges was set up right in the middle of someone’s crop! Our first hint about its purpose was the crop..…Lavender! Then a little sign that read, “Wedding”. A beautiful spot for a wedding; the center of a huge lavender field! There were no people around so we assumed it was for another day or earlier that morning.

After a few more turns on our bike, we came upon the party! Down the very center of a tree-lined driveway was an extra long table draped in white with about 100 people seated enjoying a dinner catered by the Buckhorn. (The Buckhorn Catering van was in the background) It was about 6:30pm and the evening light was soft as the sun was going down, so pretty!

On our weekend rides we often see fun stuff. We’ve seen peacocks, turkeys, llamas, always deer and bunnies. You never know what you will find. Yesterday we found a beautiful and romantic wedding!

On a Saturday in June


  1. Oh, that sounds so lovely!! A wedding in a lavender field...AWESOME!! I need to get me one of those bikes!!!

  2. Mmmmm, this was such a lovely description of your ride. I lingered over every word. Thanks for painting such a vivid picture. Reggie just got a scooter and really wants a motorcycle. But I'm a fraidy cat.

    Stop by soon; you just won the "Outstanding Blogger" award at My Girls. :)

  3. Shawna, I just read your post an happily accept the award! Thank you so much! You are an amazing young woman with a fun bouquet of little girly girls!

  4. They are a bouquet, aren't they? :)


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