Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ah, The Sound Of Jackhammers in the Morning.....

It's a gorgeous Saturday, about 8:40 in the morning and my wake-up call ten minutes ago brought back memories of a sound I never thought I would ever hear again so close to my house and so very early on a Saturday morning!

The horrendous sound is still vibrating though my house as I sit here in the living room with my coffee and wishing I lived way out in the country or the beachside or the desert. The sound is JACKHAMMERS pounding into cement! Yah, nice way to wake up isn't it?

Remember the post I did recently about the noisy neighbor kids screaming in their swimming pool? Well, the weather lady on the news last night said that we will be entering the triple digits in the next few days, but I guess my next door people did not see that report because they are removing their pool!

How do you remove a "cement pond"? You tear it up into small pieces, haul those pieces away and fill in the huge hole with dirt. That fill-in dirt is what I am looking at outside my living room window right now. It is in 2 large dump trucks, all ready to go into the neighbors yard. But first..........

they have to JACKHAMMER the thing to tiny movable pieces! O man, that sound!!

Who would have thought I would be enduring such a crazy sound so very close to my bed, more than once? How many people are lucky enough to be awakened by men destroying cement, which by the way, was designed to last forever and stay exactly where it was put....forever!

My flashback is taking me back to the days when we lived in a tiny house (parsonage, for those who know what that is) right next to the tiny church we were pastoring. The backyard fence was simply large sections of chicken wire and wobbly wood posts. On the other side of the fence was a large cement company and up against the rickety fence was the spot where the cement trucks were cleaned out.

What could be so bad about the place where they washed their trucks, you ask? I will answer with another question? Have you ever wondered what would happen if a cement truck got delayed or the turning cement barrel stopped turning on the back of the truck? Yah....the cement hardens inside the truck. How in the world do you get hardened cement out of a cement truck?...........

Some poor guy has to go inside the huge barrel of the truck and JACKHAMMER it out........early in the morning!! Right next to my bedroom window! Good times.

So here I am, 15 years later, listening to my dishes vibrate in the cupboard. Actually my dishes are just sitting there peacefully, just sounded more dramatic that way.

It really is sad actually. I have wanted a swimming pool my whole life. I am not sure why my neighbors are removing theirs. I know that a built-in swimming pool is a lot of work and it may have been damaged or not cared for in the past. My neighbors are new here so I have no idea how the pool looked when they arrived, but they have been using it as I complained about in a previous post. Now I feel sad for the kids and the hot, hot days ahead here in the Sacramento area of California.

But 8 0'clock in the morning?


  1. You have my sympathy because it be can't easy living next to people removing a cement pool. But kids and pools always scare me so who knows the reason for them getting rid of their pool at the height of the summer season.

    Hope this will be the last of it and you have a peaceful summer after this.


  2. Why in the world would they remove that pool?! Sorry about your sleepless morning...


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