Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Worlds

One of my favoritest blog friends has asked that I add her to my Facebook Friends. But, dear Lisa, as much as I love you & your blog, (You should check her out, she is a thinker who also has humor. Not an easy mix!) I have made an intentional decision to keep my Blog world separate from my Facebook world. Mainly because my FB world is also my real world, that includes all my relatives, kids, friends, co-workers & students current & past.

I am not at all ashamed of what I write here, but I really am protective of my freedom to write anything. Some things you see on here are also posted in the "Notes" section of my FB page but not everything. For instance I did not post these two recent writings on Facebook. They would have completely embarrassed my son & his new girlfriend. (BTW, Writer Son bought a ticket to his lady-love's state today! He will be there for a month & then decide from there what the next step is!! Wow, this is big for my "stay where it's safe" guy!)

So, the two worlds are kept secret from one another. If a blog friend commented me on FB then it could be traced back here. This kinda sounds like I am pretty paranoid, but it's more about freedom than suspicion or secrecy. Maybe some day I will be free enough to vent openly on FB, but for now it is not the right place for letting my self ramble like I seem to be doing here at this moment! Ha! Time to say bye-bye!

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  1. I hear you on this. I was really surprised when blog people started befriending me on Facebook. It was like two worlds colliding. And then I didn't want to seem rude ... but then I started taking out a lot of personal stuff on Facebook because of it. Kind of strange I guess. I support your decision 100%! Everyone needs their own place away from those they know in real life.


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