Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Weekend at The Parents

Just spent a great weekend at my folks amazing 1 1/2 acres of woods in WA. They have literally carved out just enough room for a house & mom's garden!

Got a pic of Dad explaining the compost heap to me.
My mom is a Master Gardener & has designed "rooms" of greenery that are so peaceful & calming. Great place to relax & refresh before our busy school year begins.
The funny face she is making under the umbrella is while she is saying, "She'll probably get a pic of me in a stupid this!" Ha!

We slept in a room of ancestors & books.
My mom is a serious bibliophile...see the book room?
Hubs does not always "get" my mom's creative gardening decorating! I love the pic of him "enjoying" the garden chandelier!

The shot with the red railing is their "backyard"! Gorgeous! We came home very rested....even after a 10 hour drive! Now we are ready for anything.

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  1. Great yard! We have a chandelier in the yard, too. I love it!


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