Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been Daydreaming....

On our long ten hour drive home from Washington I had a chance to just think. How often does that happen for such an extended time? Someone mentioned in a recent blog post that empty times of relaxation bring out our creative side & this is what happens to me.

After a few hours of keeping Hubs awake on the road by reading him Facebook statuses, which worked really well by the way. Especially when my status said "Please send out some great stuff so I can read them to Hubs to keep him awake!" They came through for me!

Anyway, after a lunch stop & caffeine he told me to go ahead & sleep as we drove the last few hours home. As I rested, my mind came up with a wonderful magazine article idea & I followed that thinking long enough to figure out how to do the research & what photos I would want with it & even a lot of the text was swirling around in my sleepy head!
Of course there is always the danger that ideas that come during sleepy times may be crazy once the eyes are open & real life hits with a bang. But this idea is still a good one & I COULD do it! I am in my mid fifties & still have at least 25 or so years to go right? That is enough time for lots of amazing magazine articles....theoretically, at least.
will I be able to discipline myself & my time enough to accomplish this fun goal? Sure would love to, sure would feel proud to see my stuff in a real live magazine or an online e-zine. What a silly time to be thinking this way! Our school begins on the 15th of September & it consumes me....but maybe it shouldn't. Maybe I need to do this for me, just to know I can.
I don't know.

For now I guess I will keep tapping away on my own blog
where I am free to send out garbage or beauty
with exactly the same pay.

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