Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wonder Where This Will Go....

On the long drive home from our visit to our mom's homes in WA & OR I took a little nap & fantasized about writing an article on the 55er Club. As mentioned here, it was an important part of my childhood which I shared with my cousins. In my not-quite-asleep mode I realized that an article would require some quotes from the other cousins involved in our joint childhood experiences. This is something I dreaded a bit. I am not really close to any of them at this point in our lives. There are 4 of the original five 55er's still alive & I Facebook with one of them & only have seen the other two at weddings & funerals over the years. Not what you could call a real relationship anymore!

A few days after getting home I wrote a comment on my cousin's Facebook page asking what her favorite 55er Club memory was. She answered immediately & enthusiastically & suggested we have a party to celebrate 2010 as the year all of us turn 55! This was exactly what I was hoping would not happen! I love a party. I do! But I love a party with PEOPLE I KNOW!

I tried to get out of the idea as gently as I could, then finally told her that since the other cousins were basically strangers; a party did not sound fun to me. Guess what happened! The VERY NEXT DAY cousin number 3 sends me a FRIEND REQUEST on Facebook! Sneaky cousins!! So at this point the 3 of us are really having a great time sharing photos from our 55er Club camp out days & I have to say it has been great & a little weird.

It is an interesting experience to go back in time along with others who lived the same things but may see it from a different perspective. They each have different snapshots of our times on the "island" every summers end, both literally & figuratively. We are enjoying exchanging photos & memories. As I hear another version of my experiences it brings back more memories than I knew I knew. I really do not know where this will all lead.

I'll let you know as I go ok?

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  1. hi Brenda.... been awhile since I last visited your blog. ;D I don't know if you remember me but I sure hope you do.

    Hope you can visit my blog and once again share your views and opinion in just like you did in the past.

    and if it's OK, hope to exchange links with you.




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