Friday, September 18, 2009

One Happy Mom!

OK, this is one of those times that I am extremely happy that this blog is a secret between you all & me! My friends & family do not have the address & if some friends have found it on their own I have asked that they not tell me. (They all know I have the blog but I don't give out the address.) I like the FREEDOM to write without worrying about feelings & whatever.


See that picture of the happy lady? Multiply that expression about a million times & you'll get me & my face! I still want to protect my loved one's privacy so I'll be sorta careful here but oh man, am I happy about this development!

Writer Son has finally realized that he is in love with his best friend! Ahem, yes, she is a she! They have been super close for the last 4 years & have adamantly defended their friendship from others who kept saying it really looked like a deeper relationship. Nope, nope it is just a friendship they have been singing for a long time. They know each other so well & have seen one another through fun stuff & really hard stuff, ugly stuff & beautiful stuff.

Two nights ago he came over & sitting on our couch told us that they have moved to a different relationship. Hubs & I have long wanted them to see what we see, but could not say anything, so as he is talking to us, my grin is getting bigger & bigger & it is hard to contain my joy & happiness! I glance at Hubs & he is staring at the floor, obviously (to me) also working hard to hold in his enthusiasm so we don't overwhelm the poor boy! Ha! Hubs & I have talked to each other about our love for this little amazing girl & how perfect she is for Writer Son. At last I hug the boy & tell him how happy we are to see him so happy. After he left the house Hubs & I just looked at each other a practically did that girly scream you see on TV when women get excited!

***So, if you are a friend of mine in real life; don't you dare tell my guy that I wrote about him on the internet ok? Big trouble for me. Thanx!***


  1. I'm barely awake, don't wanna be and I'm probably, hopefully going back to bed...but as a mom I'M DOING A HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU GUYS!

  2. Aww that is great! /cheers to the new relationship!

  3. Hello, I've been away for awhile. Praying that all things are well.
    Here is my new blog address:
    Blessings, Cindy


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