Friday, January 29, 2010

Who Me?

While attending a wedding last year, one of my best friends, Barb, would not let me take her picture. As I was about to click she turned her head away & this is the shot I caught! I love it!

In my last post I sent a question out to you that matched the ones in my head recently. The question was this: Can fooling around with photos be considered art?

Well of course it can & is....when someone else does it! But me? My silly little experiments? Is it possible that I have finally accidentally bumped into a way that I can create beauty?

This is what got me swirling around in this whirlpool of ideas & questions. I loved the back-of-her-head pic of my friend, so I played with it & for her birthday last week she opened up her gift bag to find this version.................
I enlarged it to about 5x7 & mounted it on white foam-board & added a wall- hanger on the back. She really loved it & immediately began to tell me that I should do more of it & pursue this as art, not just fooling around. I also gave her a colorful version of the same shot but similar to the one of me in the previous post.

I have Photoshop on my Mac but have not even ventured in there because it is very intimidating to me. I think maybe it is time to open that creative door & see what lurks inside!


  1. Just jump in! Every time you learn something, you'll be proud
    Not too long ago, I would shop on Etsy and think to myself, "This looks way out of my league of learning capabilities." But now, I'm up and running since March and today I hit my 20th sale! It's not huge but it's definitely a hurdle I jumped over. Lots of work and lots of satisfaction too!

  2. Brenda, I think it's time to open Photoshop. This is beautiful!

  3. Brenda, I think it's time to open Photoshop. This is beautiful!

  4. I love the shot too! So much art does happen accidentally (i.e., a quick head turn that's captured at just the right moment to grab your attention and make you keep looking). There's something lovely in the way her hair is wisping all over the place. ... And Photoshop is SO much fun. Jump in!


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