Monday, January 4, 2010

Motorcycle Lessons..........

I have been inspired by one of my new blog friends, Joni at Two Wheeled Travel to share with you a video from last summer on our motorcycle. This way you can enjoy the beautiful countryside along with me & Hubs without getting helmet hair or bugs in your teeth! Hang on tight & you might want to turn the sound off because that loud roar is not the fun sound of our bike, it's just the wind hitting my camera!

Hubs & I have been riding together for a little over 3 years now I think. Much to the shock of my circle of friends & family I truly love being out there on the bike a lot! I even joined him out there today in 45-50 degree weather which is considered cold here in Calif! (Yes, we are weather wimps!) There are some interesting (to me!) lessons that I have learned in this little journey from house-mouse to motorcycle-mama that I will share with you today. (Lucky you!)

1- It is entirely possible to leave the house without a purse!! This was tough for me at first. I am 54 & we just feel more complete with all possible needs in our bag on our shoulder at all times pretty much. What about freshening our lipstick, or hair? What if we need some gum or money? Band-aids, lotion, identification, cellphone, pen & paper, aspirin?
Now I can go in a moments notice with just my cell & camera & chapstick!! Yay me!

2- If your bike seat is slanted just a bit too far forward it makes a certain part of your body feel like it is being ripped apart after an hour of riding! It would be really nice if you could sit on the bike for a couple of hours BEFORE purchasing to test this out. We replaced the seat & all is well with me now.

3- I wish someone would invent a little cloth sleeve to slip over the chin strap of my helmet to make it feel softer under my chin. It may exist, just haven't looked much yet. I actually considered sticking a comfy maxi pad under there but I don't think they come in black yet.

4- It is important even in warm weather to be sure your long sleeve jacket is closed tight around the wrist to keep bees out! I felt some pain in my sleeve as we sped along the country road one day last summer, reached into my sleeve & pulled out a live bee, but not before he stung me. Hubs was wearing short sleeves so the bees just bounced off him, my wayward bee got trapped in there...not fun! I told Hubs about it when we stopped 20 minutes later. He was very impressed that I kept my cool!! Again, yay me!

5- The traditional semi-wave that bikers do cracks me up! They barely lift a hand to each other as they pass. The left hand is just kind of dropped away from the handlebar & stretched out near the leg. I am so tempted to do a super girly princess wave next time, but I may lose my riding privileges, so, nope.
But I love the "community" that automatically exists between bikers who do not even know one another! Do car people wave at each other every time they pass? There is an unspoken respect between bikers that is really pretty cool.

6- Every time I ride with Hubs I get ideas to blog about. There is something very free-ing & creative about these wonderful times out enjoying nature. It's too loud to talk so Hubs & I feel alone and yet together in the experience. We always arrive back home invigorated & refreshed. (Even when comparing bug splats or bee-stings!) Oh yes, that reminds me of another lesson learned: Always wipe down your bike jacket after a long ride. It's very embarrassing to suddenly look at yourself while in the grocery line & see green & yellow & red bug splats on your jacket! Yep, I did that. Eeww!


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm deathly afraid of bees. I would NOT have been calm like you; he would've heard me screaming over the bike roar. And I love the image of you giving a princess wave. I dare you to do it!
    I think you're right about the biker community--they seem so connected.

  2. I rode on the back of a motorcycle once and was TERRIFIED. I just could not stop thinking about what would happen if we fell over.

    I can see why people like it...but it isn't for me.

    And the whole bee thing? ARGHHH!

  3. This cracked me up...I really think you should try the girly princess wave just once.

  4. Motorcycle? No thanks. However, I have learned over the year that I am fine without a purse. Very fine indeed!

  5. Bees? Motorcycles? It's like your going into one of my nightmares! And I also can't stand leaving the house without a purse, ha haa. Fun post!

  6. Great post and thanks for the mention of my blog!!
    I totally agree with the purse thing, but somehow I always manage to justify why I need to sling mine over my shoulder! It has my license in there for one thing....oh, and lipstick. You know how all that wind dries your lips out. lol

    The seat thing can be so annoying but it hurts a lot less when you're the one riding up front. My hips hurt horribly when riding behind the hubby. I think it's menopausal symptoms (lack of hormones) LOL

    If my wrists are cold, my whole body is cold!!

    Great post!!

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  9. I'm laughing now. Your list seems so much like my own, but I haven't had the bee experience, yet.
    And I absolutely love the brothership that exists with bikers. It amazes me!
    Thank you for making me laugh tonight! It's been one of those "Am I being bipolar?" or "are kids, the dogs, fighting cats and autistic tantrums getting to me?" kind of days.
    Tomorrow I'll have my chapstick, camera and cell phone ready. We're riding!


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