Saturday, January 2, 2010

Believe In Signs?

Some people make all their important life decisions based on signs from "the universe" or whatever.

Hopefully the STOP sign pictured here was not all someone had to help them when they had no idea what to do!!

But I love the CLARITY of the dog-emptying instructions.

And don't you love how the PROTRUDING sign is clearly speaking from experience!


  1. Being directionally-impaired, that stop sign would send me into a panic. lol

  2. Great blog and photos! Is that you in the picture on the motorcycle? I ride too AND I sport a butterfly tattoo!
    Happy New Year sister!

  3. Thanks for the art compliments! My hubby has a Honda Shadow too but I don't dare get on that beast. It's huge!! You're NOT a wus! lol


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