Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hats Are Where it's At!

I have been sorting through my hundreds of photos this last week while loading them on my Mac & came across some cuties.

The straw hat shot is me many many moons ago (kind of Shirley Temple-ish huh?). The camo-hat photo is Rocker Son when he was a cute little munchkin. The similarity is fun don't you think? R.S. and I are very much alike in our coloring & looks. Writer Son looks just as much like Hubs.

The three-ladies-pic is me with my Mom & Aunt. I was & still am always reading! But did you notice my cool crocheted vest? Too bad my Mom is wearing the same one! I've always been an edgy dresser! :)


  1. So cute! I love your music choice too!

  2. I love the hat photo ... and the daring fashion forward one as well!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your vest! I had a couple just like it when I was a teen! Awesome. :)


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