Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mute Not!

I usually do not put songs on my blogs. I figure that people have too many different tastes & I would hate to make someone click away from mine because the music bugged them too much to even find the mute button. Reminds me of the times I have been shopping & just totally hated the music in the clothing shop & couldn't concentrate on my quest for the perfect pair of jeans!

BUT this song hit me in such a sweet & deep way when I heard it on one of my student's blogs that I sat there & let it play about 5 times through before going to bed last night! It expresses my heart so beautifully.

The singer is Julie Meyer & I know nothing about her or her church or beliefs but she is singing my song here. My history of church and ministry was largely based on what we could DO for others and for God. So I DID a lot of good for a lot of years and I enjoyed it most of the time because I love people. But this push to DO pushed into my time to just BE. To be with God. To be by myself. To be with my thoughts.

Until the day that my God let me know that He treasures my BEING way more than all my wonderful DOINGS. Who knew? So now, I am FREE from all the "shoulds" that ruled my life as a minster's wife and a Christian. This song is about worship. Worship that is not tied to any action at all. Just loving God. Just breaking open my "alabaster box", my heart & emotions, and pouring them liberally on His feet. That worship can look totally different to different people, and it must.


  1. This song and your words hit me hard (in a good way). Emotion welled up. Thank you for sharing so honestly.
    Winged Writer

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  3. I found your blog while surfing and looking under other people with interest in motorcycles. My husband and I ride and LOVE it! But what caused me to feel the need to comment was your blog today and the song. What a blessing! I know I've often been guilty of letting "doing" become what I worship. It's easy to do when we're doing kingdom work, we're doing good things but He ends up taking a back seat to it all! It always makes me think of Mary and Martha! Thanks again for sharing an awesome song and a great blog!

  4. That song is beautiful and refreshing!

  5. "To be with God. To be by myself. To be with my thoughts."

    How beautiful. I miss that so much. Having two little ones, with a third on the way, has forced me to have to find worship in a variety of moments throughout the day. But quiet, meditative worship times are few and far between.

    Months ago, I found myself singing to the Lord alone with Him in my closet. It was the first time we had been truly quiet and alone together for some time. I desperately long for those special times.

  6. @Shawna - I very clearly recall the little kid- filled days that made it almost impossible to feel God or spend time with Him!
    I had a special prayer basket that held my journal, pen, Bible so it would all be handy the minute they napped!


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