Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rich Text & Touch Tone

It seems to be getting tougher and tougher to KEEP UP with technology and social networking etc.. Is this true for you also? I am in my mid fifties and simply not ready to curl up in a rocker and learn to knit (not that there 's anything wrong with knitting or rocking!). 

But wow, I don't know if I can keep up with all the new-fangled (oops, there's another OLD word!) tech things that seem to change and UPGRADE faster than I can figure them out! 

My problems with my job proposal email that I told you about yesterday have been solved, thanx to my DIL. She patiently went with me to the email to see what went wrong and was truly aghast that I could function with a very old JUNO email account. She had never even heard of it! The big roadblock was that my juno account does not have "Rich Text". There is no bar at the top of my message box that allows me to underline, bold, italicize, etc. So when I used those things on my Word Doc and pasted them over, it went coo-coo because the old site could not use those fun and essential things.

So we are sitting side-by-side on the couch, and she shows me another way to get around my problem that involved writing my letter in TextEdit first, blah blah blah........."until you feel ready to upgrade to something more up to date." :) 

This morning I updated to a gmail account!!! And I sent the beautiful letter and all attachments off to the potential employer! 

Tomorrow I am getting a new phone that does not have a data plan because we can save $$ if I don't have Internet on my phone. I am excited because it has a Touch Screen instead of a roller ball like my Blackberry.

 But I keep giving away my age when I keep calling it "Touch Tone!" Ha! Oh well.


  1. I laugh when I watch Jeopardy and there are young people on it who don't know answers to things we grew up with. It always makes me say that we are getting older. Just think though. We used adding machines before calculators in school. Manual typewriters before electric ones and now everything is done on a pc or can be done one a iPhone or Droid. We've seen a lot of changes in our day.

  2. Gutsy of you to note, right at the beginning, that you're off your rocker.
    Have fun keeping up with technology. It drives me a bit crazy when I buy a new computer (which happens rarely) and I have to get accustomed to new technology. I've gotten to the point where upgrades do not help me do better what I'm already doing.

  3. You?...I usually wait for you to give tips on things before I try anything new. And look out!!!! If I discover something new and exciting by myself it's usually something that has been out there for ages. Which means, most people have moved on to something else and no longer use it. But you have fun figuring out all of that techy stuff and don't forget to throw a few crumbs my way! :-)


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