Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Buddies

Driver said she really didn't need to see. We could tell her what was behind
us, and she had the side mirrors! What could we tell her unless we stuck our heads out
the windows? Ha! We survived the 3 hour drive each way obviously.

We stayed in a trailer park on the beach that is owned by the friend of a friend.
My friend warned me that it was trailer trash not fancy.

And yes, the place was kinda scary as we found "our" trailer. It was
a community of people who lived there all year round and they stared
at us laughing women as we circled and circled the place.

But we soon introduced ourselves and made some great new friends.
There was a veteran in a wheelchair who made his living by fishing and selling his bounty to the park people. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of fresh crab for $5 a piece!!

T and me.

It took a few hours to stop checking her iphone for reception.

This is the path to the beach right behind our trailer.

View from that path back over the lovely neighborhood.

Path over the huge sand dunes.

I love beach trees!

OMG the dunes made my legs scream in agony!

A stray kitty made herself at home with T.

The banana s'mores I brought were a big hit when put in the ashes later that night!

Laughing at our goofy clothes. They expected warm days for some reason!
So they had to improvise.  Silly ladies!

C reminds me of a blond Jackie O.

Had a great time & as expected, we laughed, snorted, drank and even had a tearful
moment as we talked about our mothers and their absences.
I am so thankful for good friends.


  1. Sounds like you had way too much fun! Glad you enjoyed your time.

  2. This is a story of what started out scary (good lesson).....It ended up being a lot of fun! The pics are great!

  3. I can't get over that is was cold enough for jackets, socks and a fire. We are sweltering here in Myrtle Beach. So glad you had a good time away and got to laugh and have a good time. Just what you needed after all the stresses of the last couple months. Hugs.

  4. Good friends are VERY important and I´m so glad you have them and had such a good time. I´m sure the time off will give you inspiration to write.

  5. Now that post makes me want to call my buds and take off for a weekend!

    Who cares if it was a trashy trailer park if it was on the beach? LOL

  6. Trashy trailer parks sound GREAT fun!! :o)

  7. Oh, that the trailer sounds like fun. And the beach looks fab too! It doesn't matter where you are, if you are with friends, more than likely, its going to be memorable.


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