Friday, August 12, 2011

Bullets Are Fun

I hope you all have had a good week. I feel pretty accomplished and productive this week and that's a change! 

  • I have worked out most days. ....By WORK OUT I mean 20 minutes stretching to a yoga video. Don't want you to think I meant the whole gym membership and sweating thing. I would if I could though. 
  • I have written two articles a day for the site that pays me $10 per and I hope to make $100 every week that way. ....yay me!
  •  I am cooking meals and spending very very little money. ....Zucchini is a great extender. I added it to, or rather I put it with mac n' cheese and ended up mixing mine together, super yummy! 
  • I got a new cellphone and even though it is a downgrade, I LOVE new gadgets. It's an LG Encore and it's pretty fun!........I really wanted and got a touch screen, mainly so I can fit in with all my iphone friends!
  • And the BIGGEST deal this week: I sent the JOB PROPOSAL to the local newspaper AND I also sent one to a local mattress company to tell them I want to write for their website. ......I have written product based articles for a baby store for a year, I know I can write about beds and sleep issues also.
So that all makes for a pretty great week for me. We also received a very cool surprise in the mail yesterday and I'll tell you about that and show you pics another day. ....Gotta give you a reason to come back you know!


  1. I LOVE new gadgets too! I've also been looking at new helmets....not so good!

  2. That's awesome news. Good luck with the writing jobs.

  3. Wonderful news, Ms. Susie. You and your beloved husband could end up with two jobs, plus your writing.
    Wonders never cease.

  4. I hope you get response on those job letters. That would be so exciting.
    I love a new gadget too. So fun to play with... :)

  5. Don't leave me hanging like that!!!

  6. You go, Gal! I wish you the best of fortune with your job proposals. Have you thought of trying the Chamber of Commerce and the business downtown associations, too?

  7. Sounds like you have had a successful week. I have been lazy compared to you.


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