Friday, October 30, 2009

They are Baaaaack!!

It is holiday yard decorating time again. No, not cute little christmas wreaths & fake snowmen. In my neighborhood it's all about how creepy you can get for Halloween. And to make it even awfull-er looking they are using a bunch of plastic inflatables this year!!!

I so hate those things! Way back last December I wrote about the "Santa Graveyard". My rant was regarding all those blow-up Santas, elves, cartoon people etc in so many yards around me. Not only are they ugly when blown-up, but every single morning they are flat & it looked like I was driving past huge Santa Cemeteries every morning!

This week my neighbors erected about 6 huge monsters & creatures all over their yard. Then we had a crazy wild wind storm & they got shredded & I thought that would be the end of it, but today they are back again! I guess I am a Halloween Grinch if there is such a thing, I wouldn't want to be the parent of small kiddies now when you never know what scary thing is around the corner for the month of October.

Ok I think I am done with my grumbling for now. I doubt if I have an appropriate picture to post because I am on MY NEW MACBOOK!! Yep, I am loving it & do not regret changing one bit! I haven't uploaded many pics but I'll go take a look now before I post this amazing piece of literature................Oh! There you go, I found that adorable little dancing skeleton, I'm surprised the neighbors don't have him in their yard too!


  1. Sounds like fun! I live in an area where a lot of churches have successfully killed the fun of Halloween. I wish they wouldn't preach that trick-or-treaters are in danger of becoming Satanic worshipers. It is just crazy!

  2. On one of my walks last week I went by a home that had turned the entire front yard into a cemetery...about 4 rows of headstones along with complete skeletons laid out on top of the ground. It was creepy looking. It is interesting the fascination with the creepy and trying to scare people...

  3. Happy Halloween! I love all the Halloween decorations but a few days after the holiday (no matter which) it is time to take it down, I agree! Glad you like your new macbook!


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