Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Can So Be Bought!!!!

I realize that I should think this post through before hitting publish.....but I AM TOO EXCITED to wait! Something truly amazing & shocking has occurred in my family & I am still reeling with the unexpectedness of it. Oh it's good, yes is good!

Most women can be bribed, bought, blessed or whatever you want to call it by a gift of diamonds or gold or shoes. I guess that I am a nerd, remember when I was overwhelmed to tears when Hubs bought me my Blackberry? I still cannot believe what I am about to type.........Hubs bought me a very expensive MacBook!!!!! Told you I was a nerd!

It is not my birthday, anniversary, Christmas or even pms. He did it totally out of the blue, for no reason other than MY PLEASURE! Yes, it is technically our money, not his, but we don't spend easily, especially on PLEASURE items.

Buying the motorcycles was a very big deal that we talked over & around for ages before giving ourselves permission to invest in our FUN. We are both sale rack junkies & he adores eBay for the cheap deals he can hunt up. We have been INTENTIONALLY trying to see pleasure as something worth putting our money into. That it is just as important as being productive & a hard worker.

God INVENTED pleasure! He likes it a lot! Men & women were designed to give each other pleasure right? That was not a necessity in the creation process. Look at wild flowers & the varieties of fish in the sea. Why make so many different colors, aromas & shapes? For our delight & for God's pleasure!

When Hubs first handed me the print out of what he had ordered from the Mac Store, my eyes searched for the number with the little striked through S! The $ sign. When I saw it I told him no way, it made no sense. I don't make my living on a laptop. He just kept grinning & nodding at me as my mind told me that I had better get busy on becoming a real writer & bringing more office work home with me to make this worthwhile. While wiping tears away in the office bathroom (We were at work!) I heard my God whisper, "It's for pleasure Dear." WHAT?

Pleasure is not a sensible reason to spend big bucks! I am learning that pleasure is indeed God's idea & telling us to take a day for rest was only the beginning. We require joy, laughter & fun to be our best. My arguing with Hubs or with God would be ridiculous at this point.
The deed is done. And I AM GETTING A MACBOOK !! Arriving next week on my doorstep!!


  1. WOO HOO---my hubby just took our youngest to an Apple store to get her a new one.......when you're young and the employees are CUTE NERDS it is much more exciting to be able to walk in a store. Happy dancin with you!!!!!!

  2. that is fantastic news!!!!! oh that Curt :o) You are going to love it and it is going be used gloriously by you!

  3. That is awesome! I know you will love it. So sweet, that hubby of yours.

  4. CONGRATS!!! You are a very lucky woman, I love Macs!


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