Friday, November 26, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends. Our families live out of state so most years we get together for Thanksgiving and Easter with a group of about 15 good friends and make our own new traditions! I love it!

Yesterday we had 16 around the tables and the main words spoken as we shoveled the food in were, "Barb, these yams are amazing! Crystal, this turkey is the best yet! Dena your cranberry relish is so yummy!" 

Then we roll ourselves into another room to talk and laugh and remind each other of crazy stuff we've done together in the past and excitedly make plans for more crazy stuff in the new year to come. Eventually the men head out to the front deck to smoke their pipes and us women get giggly while we sip our wine and port. 

Late in the evening we pull out the desserts and talk some more while enjoying the sweets. At this point most of us women are avoiding direct eye contact with our husbands because we know that their visiting attention span is shorter than ours. The men slowly begin making the subtle moves toward leaving..........moving coats around so they are handy, mentioning the busy days to come, yawning (so discreet!), telling the hostess what a great day it was, walking in front of the TV if it is on, and staring at their wives to force them to look at them!

So now it is the day after Thanksgiving, which everyone knows is the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF CHRISTMAS season! To honor this happy day I have posted my favorite family Christmas photo. 

One of my mother's holiday traditions is to cut herself accidentally as she prepares the food or puts up her millions of decorations. That would explain my face of terror in the picture above. Why in the world SOMEBODY gave her a really big knife for Christmas, I do not know! As you can see, my sister's hand reveals her justified fear also! 

What are some of your holiday traditions?

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  1. Hello Brenda! Thank you so much for stopping by my mad blog and following. Also thank you for your great comment. I hope you enjoyed the evening performance at the cinema.....I've not been out to the cinema in the evening for years.:) You seem like a lovely fun person looking at this blog and I've just signed up to be your latest follower.
    As for holiday traditions well this will be the first year we break with them all. Son left home this year and is snuggling down with his girlfriend, Mum is living the party life in Cyprus so Hubby and I are skulking off to rural France to look after an old dog and hide from the world....romantic well probably not! Lovely to meet you.

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is watching every Christmas movie I can get my hand on!!

    New follower here :-)

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  4. We're breaking a holiday tradition this year by putting up an artificial tree this year. Instead of going crazy with the tree this year it will be more simple.

    Hugs & love,

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  6. Traditions? Traditions!

    Are you Brenda Susan or Tevye?

    When there were two of us, we had traditions. When there were two of us with two kids, we had traditions. Now we have grandchildren. New traditions.
    There's Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. There us, our son and his family, and our daughter. Three homes; three events; mix and match. Simple.

  7. Hey Brenda! You are the second Brenda Susan that reads and comments on my blog. I´m following you now, because I love what I´ve read so far of your blog. Your family sounds hilarious and I love the sense of humor you put in your writing. Can´t wait to read more. :)

  8. I know you're Brenda Susan, but you were getting so focused on "Tradition," I wasn't sure if you had somehow turned into Tevye. Or are you not familiar with Fiddler on the Roof?

  9. Rob-bear, haha! How embarrassing! I know him but did not recognize the spelling I guess! Ha!
    I can hear us now singing loudly..."TRADITION!"
    very funny!

  10. Sounds like a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving. We are starting a new tradition this year. We will be hosting the First Annual Empty Nest Christmas Oyster Roast.

  11. What a great Tradition!
    Love the picture!

  12. What a scary little tradition your mom has! HAHA!

    And I hear you about men needing to leave sooner than women. My husband always has his coat on and edging toward the door and I'm still gabbing away with the hostess.

  13. Thanks for linking up to FFF! Have a Fabulous week!

  14. I LOVE this description of your Thanksgivings. They sound delightful. :) Especially the part about avoiding eye contact with your husband!

  15. You guys do look terrified seeing your mother with a knife in her hand!

    Actually, I wrote a guest post for Fireflies and Hummingbirds:

    I believe the post will be up tomorrow - I wrote about a family holiday tradition there.

    I am stopping by late from F"riday 40 and over" blog-hop.

    P.S. Check out my blog to see details about my special Holiday Blog hop next week.


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