Thursday, November 4, 2010

He's a Hottie!

I am showing you Rocker Son's recent "After" photo first because.....
well, because it is amazing! 

He texted me a picture of himself on Sunday morning
moments after cutting his own hair off.
I was shocked to see his long hair gone.
Honestly I was sad at first because he has great, thick hair that
really looked good long and it suited him.

I thought!

I knew that under all that hair was a good looking face
and my heart is thrilled that he did this.

His Sunday morning text also had this surprise for me......
He wanted to meet us for lunch so we could meet his new girlfriend!
Coincidences? I think not!

We never got to meet his last girlfriend and
never knew if it was embarrassment about 
us or about her.
That was not fun!

But this is very fun! She is darling and sweet.
(As they always are when meeting the parents, I know!)
I credited her for the new clean look,
but she said he did it while she was in the bathroom.
She too was surprised by it!

His homemade cut had to be repaired by a professional
later that day as pictured above.

Something in me feels so good about this change.
The lunch with them and the fact that he set it up just
felt so refreshing.
Maybe because it was such a normal grown up thing to do.

Glimmers of hope.
Little tastes that Rocker Son
is maturing and caring about those around him.

The next day his girlfriend
sent me a Friend Request on Facebook!
Don't know how much more goodness I can take!


  1. Handsome man with or without the long hair!

  2. Great photo! You must have been floored, not expecting it and all. Yeah, it might be the girl. Don't worry bout the last one - you probably weren't introduced simply becuse she didn't have long term potential.

  3. Great photo! Love it and yes be proud

  4. Holy moly! What a transformation on so many levels! :) How fun. :)

  5. That's cute about the facebook friend request. I would be very flattered indeed!

  6. He looks great & it sounds like he is finding his own way in the world! You must feel so proud.

    Hugs & love,

  7. As a mom, you can't help but worry about your kids (even when they're grown men). I'm so glad he's taking some steps toward maturity. His hair looks smokin'; you're totally right! I love that spikey cut. You must have butterflies in your tummy because your young man invited you to lunch and invited you to be an important part of his life. It's scary for a momma to think her sons will grow up and leave her, not wanting her to be involved anymore. My mom was just saying yesterday that my little brother (now married) stops by to pick things up or borrow things, but doesn't hug her or have a conversation, and it's breaking her heart. He's just moved out at age 28. So this is the first time she's had an empty nest. Enjoy your young men loving you enough to visit the nest from time to time. :) You must be a wonderful mother.

  8. Thanx ladies!
    Yes, he is a good looking guy and actually very kind and gentle. But he covers that up pretty well on the outside.
    But he always reaches out to hug me when he comes or goes which is so sweet. Even in the restaurant the other day when we met for lunch, he actually caught me off guard by hugging me there before we even got out to the parking lot!
    I am a blessed Mom, and no I wasn't really great at raising them but thankfully they can become good men in spite of parental mistakes! Yay God!

  9. I'm so happy for you! It is a wonderful thing to be included in their lives, isn't it?


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