Monday, November 8, 2010

Kissin' Cousins

 Sunday morning The Original 55'er Club finally had our reunion. It was all started by my use of Facebook to get us all reconnected many months ago! Five cousins born in 1955 were all turning 55 this year and it just seemed too cool to ignore!

You may notice that the photo on the cake shows six cousins. The one in red is actually one year younger and we generously made her an Honorary 55'er. Then less than one year after that pic was taken, the next to last girl in the cake pic died in an awful accident. Over the last two months we have been emailing and facebooking like crazy to find a date we could all meet, but it was crazy with all our busy schedules! At last we landed on November 7. After we set the date one of our aunts told us that Nov. 7th is the date that our deceased cousin would have turned 55!! So we had her with us as we celebrated her birthday! (Actually her snapshot is in cousin Loris hand but it did not show up in this shot as well as some others.)

 We met at a wonderful restaurant & Pub that I knew about in our area. I drove an hour, the others drove about 2 hours and one lived close by. I brought my 55'er dress that you have seen me wearing in earlier posts. Someone brought the ladybug toy that we all were given that same day about 50 years ago to celibrate our entering kindergarten.

 Every year at the family reunion, weddings & funerals we always had to line up in birth order for our special photo, so we did it properly this time too. Yep, I am the oldest, born in February of 1955. And I am the only one with NO grandkid pics to pass around!!

 It was great fun to pass around the old photo albums and remind each other of our thoughts and feelings back then. Our only boy 55'er brought his lovely wife and she was a riot! We have not been together like this in 15 years! We did get our 40th pic taken together.

We had a blast, lots of laughter, some tears, many hugs and promises
to do it again next year!

I am including this shot which was just sent to me tonight because it is the  only evidence
I have  of ever feeling good about my body! ha! Yep, I'm in a little red & white two piece suit!
 Happy as could be!


  1. Wow you have inspired me to reach out to some of my cousins!

    Hugs & love,

  2. The pics do look like all had a good time!

  3. back from a trip. looks like a fun time. i don't have cousins to do a gathering. my family on my side is very small. take care rose

  4. That is AWESOME. I know you had a blast. I can't believe you were able to orchestrate this reunion through Facebook. What a blessing! My mom found her long-lost best friend from Jr. High recently. They reunited as well, and shared many laughs and tears. Mom has been looking for her for many years.

    I'm so thrilled for you. :)

    And P.S. You are smokin' hot, bikini or not. Seriously, one of the most gorgeous women I've ever known. Once again, thanks so much for being my mentor. You have no idea how long I've prayed for one, especially through all the moving around we've done. I am so blessed by you, Susie Q. Please stop feeling bad about yourself. You are GORGEOUS.

  5. Thank you Shawna, I am so grateful to God for our cyber-friendship. If the book I want to write does get written it will be because of you and what you have sparked in me. Thank you lady!


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