Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Decorating Question....

This morning in our church we practiced the idea of giving and receiving in a very different way from "normal" church. People were told to bring something from their home that they wished to give away. Sort of a "Holy Swap Meet" Ha!

People lined up in front and described what they brought into the microphone and whoever wanted it could come up and get it. It went way smoother than I would have imagined it! It got to be so fun and rowdy as we cheered for each item going with it's new owner. Really fun! There were purses, candles, dining room sets, dryers, a skill saw, baby crib, one hour massage...on and on it went. Wonderful!


After the service one of my favorite former students came to me to chat and I suddenly knew why our paths had crossed that morning. 

I have been wanting a new header for my blog. A few days ago I started wondering if there was anyone I knew who could do the art work for me. I had a picture in my mind but I do not have the skills to put it on paper. You don't believe me? The drawing above is my evidence!

Years ago when I had a small epiphany about freedom in my life, it came with a visual in my head. (See epiphany under the TAB marked "Why Walking Butterfly" at top of page.) This crude drawing is the best I could do to represent what I saw. It's not a horrible drawing but not as cute and colorful as the one in my head.

So this morning the darling student who approached me just to say "Hi" and share a hug also happens to be an amazing artist! She has already done the illustrations for more than one book. The timing just hit me as we talked and I told her of my need for an artist and she jumped at it! She is in art school and was hoping people would be calling her to do work. 

I described the "walking butterfly" that I "saw" in my head. She was walking down a sidewalk all prim in her matching shoes and purse oblivious to the fact that she had a pair of huge, colorful and gorgeous wings being dragged behind her that could take her much higher and faster than she could imagine! 

My friend is thrilled to do it and happy to use her talent this way. The question I have for those of you who know how to design your blog headers is this: What dimensions do I give her? She will draw it and then scan it and send it to me most likely. Do I ask for a 5 inch tall drawing or what? Or does it even matter since it will be scanned and re-sized that way? 

Thanks for your help!


  1. How awesome that she is going to do that for you!

    I'm not good at that sort of thing- though you can always resize it using different programs, so I don't know if it makes much difference.

  2. I totally forgot where I found that. I'll look some and see if I can come with it.

  3. If you're not sure, I'd overshoot rather than undershoot ... so to speak. :)

    You can always make a big picture smaller. You can't make a small picture bigger and have it still look good.

    Just give her your blog address, and tell her you have no clue. Or go to some of your favorite blogs and measure there. I'm sure you can find the answer easily by doing a google search or two.

    I can't wait to see the new design! This is super exciting...something you've envisioned all this time finally coming to life! Yay!!!

    Yes, I know I'm overdoing it on exclamation points.

    I love your description of having gorgeous, free-flight wings behind you that you have NO CLUE ABOUT. I think I'm just starting to take notice of my wings, spiritually speaking. Thanks so much for guiding me into a free-er freedom in Christ. :)

    And guess what, you're not just impacting me! I'm sharing this attitude with my girls' small group (high schoolers). One girl at a time, you're changing the world.

  4. I have no clue, of how to design a Header. A blogger did mine, Thankfully!

  5. I can't wait to see the vision come to life--very cool to think of your reason for the walking butterfly. What a great friend you have!

    I don't know exact sizes, but just make sure it's high enough resolution for you to play with the sizing in photoshop or somewhere.

    Good luck, Brenda!


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