Friday, November 12, 2010

Inter-active Post.....

Okay Friends, today's post will be interactive.

But first I want to thank you for all the truly helpful and insightful comments I received on my last post. I value what you have said and have come a long way in working out the direction I will take in my writing project. Yay you, thanx!

Here is the part where you get to work on this blog post yourself.......

 Look at the first photo. That is Hubs many years ago with our adorable niece while they both take a little nap. (She is now 18 years old btw!)

Now look at the second photo. This is Hubs today.
Now in your mind, place the Hubs of today in the same position as the first photo and replace the niece with a laptop!
That is what I am looking at right now across from me here in our living room. He also has earphones on because he is "watching" a movie. The laptop is going up and down as he snores. 
But I will not disgrace him by snapping a quick pic of him. I will allow you to conjure up that shot on your own!


  1. I do love this post! You have a great talent. I like your pics and how time changes things.
    ps, My hubs watches a lot of tv while I am on laptop??

  2. I agree, you are a great writer!

    Hugs & love,


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