Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bullet Point Update

I have been writing my brains out lately, so tonight's post will be a sparse and bottom line kind of bullet point update. By the way "writing my brains out" is a really good good thing!

  • Followed through on the plan to create a new blog.
  • Love it and see that it will be a great place to do some good out here in blogland. :)
  • To check it out you will find a link in the sidebar.
  • WARNING: it is full of the G-word. :0
  • Am following through with book idea!
  • Figuring out my target and my "voice" and other fun stuff like that. Enjoying the process.
  • Found a wonderful Mother of the Groom dress! It is deep purple.
  • Due to my pear shape it is going to be altered.
  • Wish I was not going to be photographed at the highest weight in my life!!
  • Remind Self.....It's not about ME!
  • Looks like we may have enough enrollments in our new school to be partially paid.
  • Hubs will look for part-time work and I will get $$ from writing.
  • YES I WILL! have made nearly $300 in few months.
  • Sent off a devotional that will pay $25. Easy speazy!
  • Am leaving tomorrow for a 3 day girls getaway with my closest friends!!
  • Fancy lake house, swimming all day....
  • laughing all night!!!
  • Oh yes!!!!
  • Thanks God.


  1. Kudos to you for making some money writing! I know how hard that is. And also congrats on the new site. I will definitely check it out.

  2. Wow, great paid for writing...Great you can make extra $$


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